April 16, 2024


The Great Ax of New World is a weapon specialized in the Strength attribute that, as logic dictates, is oriented towards melee damage and, of course, causes tremendous damage.

It is a weapon with a lot of points in its favor: High damage both to single target (individual target) and in AoE (in area), many options to heal ourselves and also a good mobility even when dealing with such a heavy weapon.

Depending on which branch you focus more on, you will specialize more in single damage (Execute is god, you’ll see) or AoE damage (we see it better below) and of course it is an ideal weapon for both PvP and PvE .


The Great Ax is a weapon that only scales through the Strength attribute , that also makes it scale a lot with this attribute and therefore this should be a priority. The more Force you will hit with the Great Axe.

Also, since if this is your main weapon, the idea will be that you are in the front line of battle, it would be ideal to also put a few points in Constitution to last longer on the battlefield.


From the outset, comment that the Great Ax has 2 main specializations: Grim Reapers and Thrasher. These are all her abilities listed by tiers (from top to bottom in line we go). HA stands for Active Skill (they will be in bold), HP stands for Passive Skill.


Grim Reapers specializes in single-target damage and also gives us quite a few heals through attacks. Execute is also an incredible Active Skill that will allow us to slaughter enemies with low health.

  • T1 – Mowed (HA / CD 18s) : Throw the ax 5m forward dealing 110% weapon damage, also pulling enemies towards you. Additionally, adding a taunt gem to your Great Axe will force enemies hit with this ability to attack you for 4 seconds (great for tanking).
  • T1 – Greed (HP): Hitting with light attacks will increase your damage by 5% for 5 seconds, this can stack 3 times and therefore reach 15% damage easily.
  • T1 – Executor Speed ​​(HP): Hitting more than one enemy with a light attack will cause you to move 20% faster (Haste) for 3 seconds.
  • T2 – Charge (HA / CD 20s) : You will dash forward for 10m and deal 120% weapon damage on hit to an enemy (you can also press the attack button). They won’t be able to interrupt you in the process.
  • T2 – Critical Gains (HP): Causing a critical hit will heal you for 10% of the damage you deal with that hit.
  • T2 – The Collector (Reaped): Increases the range of Reaped to 8m.
  • T2 – The Embrace of Death (HP): When hitting enemies with 50% health or less, you will ignore 10% of the enemy’s armor.
  • T3 – Frenzied Rush (Charge): Charge will deal between 120% and 140% depending on the distance traveled with it.
  • T3 – Frustration (HP): When an attack is blocked, you will gain +15% damage for 10 seconds. Does not stack.
  • T3 – Execute (HA / CD 25s) : You will deal 200% weapon damage or 300% if the enemy has 50% or less health.
  • T4 – Sharp Edge (HP): Increases Critical Damage by 10%.
  • T4 – Hunger (Reaper): You heal for 30% of the damage you deal with Reaper.
  • T4 – Critical Condition (HP): Gain +15% Critical Chance when hitting enemies whose health is 30% or less.
  • T4 – Unstoppable Greed (Execute): Execute gains courage (cannot be parried).
  • T5 – Unpredictable Strike (Charge): If you press the attack button while charging, you will hit with a sweep that deals 140% to 165% weapon damage depending on the distance Charged has traveled.
  • T5 – Feed (HP): Hitting enemies with 30% health or less will heal you for 10% of the damage dealt with your attacks.
  • T5 – Fatal Attraction (Reaper): Pulling enemies with Reaper will launch a sweeping attack that deals 115% weapon damage.
  • T5 – Executor (Execute): Execute gains 100% Critical Chance when hitting enemies with 30% or less health.
  • T6 – Bloodlust (Final HP): When looking at an enemy that is within 15 meters of you, you will move 30% faster and also increase your damage by 15%.


Thrasher is multi-target damage oriented and therefore great for PVP, especially multiplayer battles.

  • T1 – Fierce Determination (HP): If you are hit with 50% health or less you will gain 40 Vitality. Maximum once every 20s.
  • T1 – Whirlpool (HA / CD 20s) : Area attack that pulls enemies towards you and deals 110% weapon damage.
  • T1 – Heavy Drag (HP): Hitting enemies with heavy blows will drag them towards you.
  • T2 – Tornado (HA / CD 30s) : Area attack that deals 50% weapon damage, if you hit someone you will keep hitting up to a maximum of 4 times. You can move while spinning and for some reason you won’t be able to hit enemies with their backs to you.
  • T2 – Storm’s Reach (Whirlwind): Whirlpool’s pull range is increased by 50%.
  • T2 – Lingering Impact (HP): Heavy attacks gain courage and while courage is active you will reduce the damage you take by 20%.
  • T3 – Doubled Winds (Tornado): You will be able to hit 7 times with Tornado.
  • T3 – Gravity (HP): You will hold enemies you drag for 30% longer.
  • T3 – Absorption (Whirlwind): While using Whirlwind, projectiles (Bow arrows, Musket bullets…) will not affect you.
  • T3 – Gravity Well (HA / CD 30s) : You will create a vortex that will attract enemies for 3 seconds and subsequently deal 125% weapon damage in a large area.
  • T4 – Eternal Winds (Tornado): You will spin 50% faster with Tornado.
  • T4 – No Rest (Whirlwind): After performing Whirlpool, you will launch another 110% weapon damage area attack that also pulls in enemies.
  • T4 – Vengeance (HP): When blocking an attack you gain 5% damage for 5 seconds. Can be stacked 3 times.
  • T4 – Crowded Well (Gravity Well): Gravity Well’s damage is increased by 10% for each enemy that is in the vortex.
  • T5 – Surrounded (Tornado): You deal 30% more damage with Tornado if you have at least 3 enemies nearby.
  • T5 – Focus (HP): Increases your damage by 10% if you have at least 3 enemies nearby (4m).
  • T5 – Crowd Protection (HP): You reduce your damage by 10% if you have at least 3 enemies nearby (4m).
  • T5 – Unyielding (Gravity Well): Your sync pairs (and you) gain 20% Fortification while in the vortex. Come on, they will take 20% less damage.
  • T6 – Fury of Fiera (Final HP): When attacking increases your damage with the Great Ax by 3% for 3 seconds, it can stack 10 times and therefore reach 30% increase if you keep attacking.


The ideal would be to combine it with other weapons that benefit from the Strength attribute and that can give us something:

  • Sword and Shield : We can use the Sword and Shield when we see that we are receiving a lot of damage to be able to withstand it better and return with the Great Ax when things are calmer. Also, this combination is in my opinion the best for a tank in New World.
  • Hammer : The Hammer will give us abilities with CC (to stun enemies and others), something that the Great Ax lacks and the truth is that this is something that always comes in handy.
  • Hatchet : If we specialize in the Throwing branch, we can also attack from a distance, taking good advantage of the strength attribute. It will come in handy when we have no choice but to attack someone from a distance or when an enemy wants to escape from us.


Below are a few Builds of the Great Axe . Everything will depend on what style of play you prefer or what content you want to consume from New World.


Thrasher Build (Great Axe) for PvP in New World

Build ideal for PVP , especially for confrontations against many players. We will have an absurd area damage, a lot of attraction capacity and several ways to heal ourselves.

Mowing and Gravity Well will allow us to attract enemies to proceed to slaughter them with Tornado. In addition, we will increase the damage we cause through passives and we will also have several sources of healing to be able to endure on the battlefield (which if they kill us, it will not do any good). If we manage to survive we will cause absurd area damage.

Gravity Well will also allow us to support our team by making them take 20% less damage, which is something that will come in handy.


Fates Build (Great Axe) for PvE in New World

This build without a doubt will be the best to do a great DPS to a singular enemy and therefore it is ideal for PvE . In PvP it also has a place but only in confrontations against few players.

We can attract enemies and heal ourselves with mowing (in addition to healing from other sources), with Execute we will cause massive damage to unique enemies (especially if they have low life, but be careful because it hits quite the same if it is not the case) and we will also have a little AoE damage with Whirlpool (which never hurts). Above we will move very quickly thanks to Thirst for Blood.

This build has the objective of going for an enemy and slaughtering him, as soon as he is with low health (<50% or better if it is <30% you will cause absurd damage). We can also continue to annoy the other enemies a bit with Swirl, which is AoE (and it’s still a pretty good attack even if it’s single-target oriented).

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