April 21, 2024


The Zurks are without a doubt the fiercest type of enemy that we will have to face in Stray , because yes, in a certain way there is combat in this game although at first it may sound strange.

In general, the best thing you can do is avoid them at all costs, but there will be many occasions in which yes or yes you are going to have to face them and they are certainly quite annoying parasitic bugs, so in this post I will explain how you can get the weapon to defeat them (it’s part of the story) and I’ll give you some tips to defeat them.


Specifically in chapter 7 we will have to locate Doc and he will ask us to repair the Defluxor, a device that emits a powerful ultraviolet light that is capable of  literally causing them to implode (something quite pleasant I must say, I was already looking forward to these bugs).

Chapter 7 itself is already guiding us through the process and I haven’t come across any part that gives me the feeling that someone could get stuck, so you go ahead and you’ll end up getting it. There will come a point where Doc will attach the Defluxor to our robot friend and that’s when we can use it.

The operation is very basic, it is like the flashlight but we will emit a violet light that we can maintain for a certain time. We will have a bar that tells us how long we can use it until it crashes, at which point you will have to wait a little while to use it again. If you don’t get to “fire” it will recharge, it goes quite fast, and therefore the idea is not to reach the maximum (which at times will be inevitable).


Where things will really get interesting will be in chapter 8 since we will have to face many Zurks and we will even run into some guys (whose names I do not know for now) that we had not seen before. Be that as it may, I will give you tips on how to deal with all of them:


Pack of Zurks in Stray

The Zurk that you’ve always come across, which is like a huge tick that’s as ugly as it is annoying. Until now you have always had to escape from them and now you can finally annihilate them with the Defluxor, which does not mean that you will have to run away very often because as you already know the Defluxor has its limitations.

The best strategy when the typical horde of Zurks comes at you is to wait for them to get close to the range where you can hit them with the Defluxor and start moving backwards (always have a path behind or somewhere because if they corner you they will you will have nothing to do); I mean walking not running; while you press the Defluxor for a while, you release it to charge a little and so on (since you are moving and charging the closest ones in the process, they will not reach you). You will see that doing this if you take the point you will defeat them very easily . If you reach the maximum charge when using it, you will have to run between recharges, so again I insist that you should always have an escape route. When it recharges you repeat the strategy.


Zurks nests in Stray

A kind of quite ugly bags that contain a few Zurks inside, the bad thing is that on many occasions you will find many of them together, that’s when it can get quite messy. If you get close to them they can burst and the Zurk will come out  of them to give you a hug (you know how affectionate they are).

The idea is obviously that you don’t get close to them, but in reality it is more convenient for you to clean the area of ​​these because as you leave them around and a horde appears and you have to run and by mistake you pass near a nest, there Yes, you will be in serious trouble. It is essential to always have safe areas behind you where you can run at will in order to defeat Zurks, since our cat’s agility is our greatest defense against them.

If you irradiate the nests a bit with the Defluxor you will make the Zurks come out (you will follow the strategy above there), the idea is that you do this to clear the nest area in a controlled way. It will require patience, but it is worth it because if you go to sack you will most likely die and die and in the end it will end up taking longer.


Zurk's eyes on Stray

And to finish we have the last type of Zurk, if it can be called that, which are those huge eyes that we will find anchored to the walls that do a bit of a surveillance function to summon orders of Zurks.

The operation is very simple because it is scripted. When you see areas with these eyes, it does not matter if they are seeing you, what the game does is detect when you reach a certain area in particular so that they are activated (pupils contract), at which point a herd of Zurks for us. Once that trigger (trigger, the event that summons the Zurks) has passed, it will no longer activate even though the eyes are still there.

In short: If there are eyes of these, you advance little by little and when you see that the eyes react (there will also be a tremor) you stay still because Zurks will come and eliminate them (always going backwards). From now on you will be able to continue advancing because the eyes will not summon Zurks again until a more advanced area (do not trust that sometimes it is a short distance between one detection and another). Come on, that the event occurs in certain areas, it is not temporary or anything like that (imagine as if there were an invisible screen that when you pass by the invocation is activated and when it has been activated it disappears; there are several of these screens).

And be careful because at the end of the chapter you will go through an area where your eyes are closed (therefore they do not work) but they will end up opening and it will be quite a sauce (in this section it is better that you take a strategy more than run and that towards your target, when it happens you’ll know what I’m talking about).

And that’s it! What do you think of the Zurks from Stray ? What did you think of the eyes and the nests? Aren’t you surprised by the eyes when they appeared? Do you want to give any advice in the face of elimination and survival against these enemies? Leave your comment!

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