April 14, 2024


If in the third zone of the game we have opted to go to the Department of Physical Illnesses instead of the Department of Addictions, the third Lament that we must face in Have a Nice Death will be Mr. Héctor Pompas (H. Pompas) .

Mr. Héctor Pompas is a crab that earned his position by creating the cancer disease and thus replacing the former head of the Department of Physical Diseases, Corvusino Prístino (the creator of the Black Death), he was clearly surpassed by the crustacean and lost his position as department head at Death Incorporated.

Among all the Lamentations in the game, it is one of the most affordable to defeat and has a very simple set of attacks to dodge; although it must be one of the favorite Lamentations of the game creators, since there are many dialogues with the employees in which it is mentioned that they want to convince him to represent Sebastian from the Little Mermaid for the company’s play.


Once we have defeated G. Tar in the Department of Industrial Pollution or Waldo in the Department of Toxic Foods, if we choose the Department of Physical Diseases as our next destination , we will face off against H. Pompas in the last room of this department.

As always, we can face a Thanager before fighting the Lament of the area; but in this case, there is only one Thanager that works in this area (so the same one will always appear when we reach the fifth room of the department):

  • Denzel King Dengue .

This time we will not be able to choose the next department we want to go to when we manage to defeat H. Pompas, since this time our only option will be the Department of Modern Conflicts, where we will have to fight against the fearsome Commander Warren Plishkan.


Mr. Hector Bubbles’ attacks are very repetitive and they are all executed in a horizontal line, so it won’t take us long to memorize them and learn to dodge them to defeat him without taking many hits in the process.


These are his attacks and how to act in response to them:

  • Stinging Lunge : A horizontal beam of light will appear on the screen and Hector will throw his pincer back to deal a quick lunge at us; as soon as we see this we will execute a jump and a dash, towards his back to get behind him.
  • Jet Punch : An attack very similar to Mr. Gabriel Tar’s Mud Punch; if we see him standing still but he throws his arm back, he will break his pincer and throw it in a muddy way reaching a considerable area; we can dodge it by dashing to hit one of the ends of the field, since his attack will not reach that point unless Hector is near the middle of the field (in which case, we add a jump after executing the dash ).
  • Parthenogenesis : Hector will eject two rocks from his shell that will turn into mini crabs upon landing on the battlefield; These crabs will attack them with their pincers if we are close to them, but we can easily defeat them with any weapon so they don’t get in the way.
  • Accurate Pincer : The Lament will execute a jump to get closer to our position and immediately afterwards it will make a lunge; we dodge this blow in the same way as the Piercing Riposte, jumping and then dashing behind it.
  • Frenzied Shredder : When he is low on life he will begin to perform a three-hit combo with his pincer, but at a very short distance; so it will be enough to move away using a dash or jumping and using the descending attack to place ourselves on the opposite side of the one that does it.


Absolutely all of H. Pompas’s attacks are frontal, so the strategy to follow will be to continuously keep behind his back to evade their damage; What’s more, he can’t even hurt us as long as we keep jumping in the air with an upward attack (since all his attacks are horizontal lines and the height of his attacks don’t reach the top of the screen).

The best time to attack him is when he is casting Parthenogenesis to summon the crabs onto the field, as he will not attack while doing this and will be exposed for a short time.

Something that can benefit us a lot in this fight are those red curses that increase the probability of inflicting betrayal (increases damage when dealing a blow from behind), since we will be trying to hit the enemy all the time in this way.

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