April 21, 2024


During chapter 2 of Agnea the dancer in Octopath Traveler 2 , she will start dancing in a bar in New Delsta that belongs to a very nice pianist to attract more customers.

The problem is that thanks to Agnea the bar will be quite crowded, so this La’Mani will come , who is the director of the Gran Teatro and will basically destroy the entire bar and beat up its owner (the pianist nice) to prevent these from being a competition for the Gran Teatro.

So Agnea will go to the Grand Theater to make things clear to this horrible guy, who will be the boss of Agnea’s chapter 2 and now we tell you how you can easily defeat him even though it is not a very complicated battle.


As I already told you in Vador ‘s post , you should pay attention to the level recommendation that the chapter has, in this case it asks us to have at least level 14 , so make sure that your character with the lowest level of the group that you are going to use for battle (now I will recommend you one) be at least level 14.

I also recommend that you look for a girl in New Delsta who has the ability to recover AP points and seduce her, since this way we can recover the AP of our characters by using Agnea’s boosting abilities such as Lion Dance or Strutting, it is very key. It costs a lot to seduce her, but try as many times as she needs, it will be worth it.


Let’s start with La’Mani’s weaknesses:

  • Dagger
  • Lance
  • Ice
  • Fire
  • Darkness

Ballerina Weaknesses:

  • Dagger
  • Axe

Musician Weaknesses:

  • Wind
  • Fire
  • Light


These are the characters that I recommend for this boss:

  • Throné or Hikari : To go attacking La’Mani, Hikari will be more effective but Throné will be more helpful against the dancers. If you have Hikari with a side job that allows her to use Daggers that would be the best possible.
  • Agnea : We will be boosting our teammates and incidentally recovering AP if you have followed my advice above. An occasional Fatal Click as well, which is a pretty powerful attack, especially when we have the potential active.
  • Osvald : For his good area damage to help us bring down the musicians and dancers. It will also be of great help against La’Mani himself when he is alone.
  • Temenos : As always to heal the group, as this time we have an AP recovery if we can use offensive abilities like Luminescence or Holy Light more often.

You could use Castti instead of Temenos as the group’s healer, she would also be helpful to help Osvald take down the dancers, but I personally prefer Temenos.


The boss has a particularity that we already saw in Vador, which is that from time to time he will lose some of his weaknesses (these will be marked in red) so you will have to adapt your strategy based on this.

You’ll usually keep Hikari attacking La’Mani with the spear anyway, remember to use boost points when you’ve stunned him to deal a lot more damage, same with potential, which I recommend using Heavenly Slash for his huge damage (even being a Sword attack as such). If you took Throné instead, it will be easier to get down to the dancers (although I insist that Hikari should ideally be used with a side job that allows her to use Daggers), but you will deal less damage to La’Mani because she does not she is as powerful as Hikari.

Agnea will be boosting the group and incidentally restoring their PH so you can spam abilities at will. Use Lion Dance on her and Hikari (or Throné) and Strut Osvald and Temenos. If you decided to use Castti instead of Temenos, cast Lion Dance on it. From time to time use a few impulse points to increase the duration of his buffs but save them to use a powerful Fatal Heel with 3 Impulse when you have the potential since with this you will cause tremendous damage to all enemies; In addition, this attack will always damage the shield of the enemies, it is a very good attack.

Osvald, meanwhile, will be in charge of damaging the area with his spells. He always uses Fireball (unless you intend to attack La’Mani and he has lost his Fire weakness but kept Ice, of course) since both La’Mani and the musicians are weak to this element. The potential should be spent on La’Mani to deal a lot of individual damage to one of his weaknesses especially when he is stunned and of course with the maximum boost you can.

Fear us as always in his role of healing the group (it would be a good idea to have him with Apothecary’s secondary job), as we also have the AP that Agnea provides us with the partner we seduced, we can also support offensively with Luminescence and Holy Light. If you decided to go with Castti, the same thing, go healing with her (she heals individually, that’s why I like her less, unless you take her with the cleric side job of course) and focus on hitting the dancers with the ax when they appear.

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