April 21, 2024


We continue with Octopath Traveler 2 with the big boss that we will have to face at the end of chapter 4 of Osvald (little by little we are getting closer to the end) and I already tell you that there is a lot of sauce involved since this bug is supposed to have a part of what remains of Rita’s soul (Osvald’s wife who was theoretically burned to death).

The boss in question is called Aching Golem and the truth is that it is a quite complicated boss since it is quite resistant to Spells (something that of course does not work for Osvald), it has high damage (especially if we do not have in He has a certain thing that we will tell you below in the guide to defeat him) and he will also change his weaknesses to complicate things even more.

It looks like we’ll finally face Harvey in the next chapter! Will it be a difficult boss? What a desire to see it. The case, that I get off topic, let’s go with the guide!


The recommended character level for this boss is 36  and as it happened with the last boss we did guide ( Secretary Thurston ), I strongly recommend that you heed this requirement and have your characters well leveled (minimum 36).

Surely at this point you have one that is a little higher even, that will be great, but if you have one that is a little lower, farm it a few levels or it will surely eat soil many times during the battle. And as always, it would be ideal for you to update your equipment (weapons, armor and such).


As I have already mentioned above, it is quite annoying since the Aching Golem will change its set of weaknesses as its health decreases. He will change them a total of 2 times during the battle, so it will be important to adapt to the situation.

Here are the weaknesses it starts with:

  • Lance
  • Walking stick
  • Wind
  • Light

The first change of weaknesses is the following (discussed below why it is the best set):

  • Sword
  • Bow
  • Ice
  • Darkness

In my opinion the best set of weaknesses of all since here Osvald will be able to cause a lot of damage with his Ice spells, so take advantage of when he makes the first change to hit him hard with this one.

This will be the second change of weaknesses:

  • Sword
  • Lance
  • Dagger
  • Axe
  • Bow
  • Walking stick

Basically all physics, so characters like Hikari and Ochette will have tremendous performance in this phase. However, if you get it right you can skip this second switch (you’ll have to deal a lot of damage to it during the first switch).


Oswald in Octopath Traveler 2

These are the characters that I recommend for this battle:

  • Hikari : He is a tremendous character because of his great endurance and physical damage, I recommend that you take him with Hunter’s Secondary Job. In all phases of him we can hit some weakness without problems. Ochette Guerrera is a good alternative.
  • Osvald : This time we are not too interested in the battle, but we have to take it yes or yes because it is a chapter of his. In the first and second phase it won’t help much, so take advantage of it in the second to cause a lot of damage; It will be your time to shine.
  • Agnea : As usual to buff our characters and recover AP thanks to the trick I explained in La’Mani ‘s post . I recommend that you take her with a Thief Side Job to reduce her Physical Attack and Defense.
  • Temenos : To heal the party, something you rarely don’t have to do every turn. If you have a free turn (complicated) you can give some defensive or offensive support.

Hikari, Ochette, Osvald and Temenos seems like a very good team to consider as well.


The usual strategy, gradually reduce his shield and use all the Impulse when he is stunned to cause maximum damage possible. Let’s look character by character.

Hikari will focus on stunning him as much as possible with the attacks that hit his weaknesses that hit the most times; “Spear Fishing” (learned skill) and “Aggressive Slash” are good examples of this. When you stun him he rolls «Sword of Brand» (divine warrior ability) or «Heavenly Slash» in case you have your Potential ready. If you go with Ochette, the strategy will be similar.

Osvald won’t be able to do much in the first phase, but you can go hitting him with the staff to at least lower his shield and you wait to hit him when he’s stunned (which will happen there) with maximum momentum (but you save the potential to phase 2) using «Elemental Blast», which in this phase is the best you will have. In the second boost yourself beautifully(It is recommended to put “Alephan’s Knowledge” or at least “Advanced Magic”, ideally that it is another character who puts it on him, for example Temenos with Scholar’s Side Job if he has time for it) and you see hitting him with Ice; when he is stunned take the opportunity to use his Boost and Potential to deal devastating damage. If you reach the third phase (in the second you should have a snack if you follow this strategy) you see using “Elemental Explosion”, little else you can do.

Agnea will fulfill an absolute Support role, she will be boosting your characters (Lion Dance for Hikari, Strutting for Osvald and Temenos) while with our trick she will be restoring AP (the boss will steal AP from time to time, so it will spread a lot) . It is also very important to reduce his Physical Attack (thief recommended as a Secondary Job) and secondly his Physical Defense, this is much less relevant, but you see doing following the priorities.

Temenos will have to heal the group and will rarely have a turn where he can afford not to use Heal Wounds because the boss does so much damage. You will have to be very careful, especially when you see that it adds a kind of purple fire to one or more of your characters, since that will cause them to lose a lot of life each turn after using their action. You’re going to swell to heal , you’ll see, use the Boost wisely and when a big cure is needed.

Finally, be very careful when wearing a purple aura; at that moment you should try to stun him because if you don’t he will become very aggressive in the next round and can delete you .

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