April 15, 2024


Today we will see the final boss of the first chapter of the story of Partitio the merchant in Octopath Traveler 2 , a highly recommended character for being a very good support character and for having a very cool hat.

The boss in question is called Giff and he is a collector who has all of Pepitalia ruined with his taxes and they will rebel led by Partitio. First we will have to go to the Abandoned Silver Mine and after that to Giff’s Lair (which is a piece of mansion while the inhabitants of Pepitalia live in absolute poverty).

Of course this will be accompanied by a couple of minions as a good coward. The battle will be easy if you follow these tips.


I recommend that you hire the help of a villager named Nicky since he has the First Aid ability, it will be great for us to heal ourselves. Do not summon the boss on the way since you will not be able to do it as many times as you want, save it for the battle against Giff.

For the rest, the more you have leveled up Partitio and the better equipment you put on it, the better. When you can acquire one of his job improvements I recommend that you choose the “Paid Help” one since it can be of great help to us in battle.


You should attack each of the enemies with these types of attacks:

  • Giff : Attack him with the spear.
  • Top minion : Attack him with the bow.
  • Bottom Minion : Attack him with the spear.

Partitio has both weapons, so you won’t have any problems with it.


The ideal would be to start using “Paid Help” and hire a ruffian, this will reduce the physical damage of all enemies to start the battle on a better foot.

Focus on the minion above first by attacking him with the bow, it won’t take too long to put it down; attack him constantly and when you stun him use Fortune’s Bow with max boost to deal a lot of damage. When you see that your health drops a lot, use the Summon command so that Nicky heals you, something that will greatly facilitate this battle. Invoke him whenever necessary.

Once you defeat the top minion, focus on the bottom one. You should hit him with the spear, but when you stun him I recommend you use the Bow of Fortune again (again with maximum boost if possible) to deal a lot of damage.

When Giff is alone you can practically claim victory. The same strategy as with the previous minion, you are hitting him with the spear and when you stun him you attack him with the Arc of Fortune with the maximum impulse if possible. When you have the Partitio action, do not hesitate to use it because it is very powerful, basically we will obtain the maximum impulse points, ideal to pepper him with Arc de la Fortuna.

With a little patience you will see how he falls, the only thing you have to take into account when you are face to face with him is that when the purple aura comes out you will have to use the Defense action or stun him before his turn arrives.

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