April 21, 2024


Mika is the surveyor for the Knights of Favonius in Genshin Impact ; He is a character who has been very misleading regarding the weapon he uses, since in his splash art he carries a book that made him think that he could be a catalyst user and it is also known that he has a crossbow hanging from his belt, but despite all this It has turned out to be a Cryo lancer as is the case with Rosaria .

This surveyor is another character that works in a very similar way to other characters like Faruzán, only in this case instead of granting Elemental Bonuses to characters of the Anemo Element, in the case of Mika they will be Physical Damage Bonuses. And as with both Gorou, Kujou Sara, and Faruzan, Mika’s C6 will be the one that deals 60% Critical Damage to the Physical Damage generated by the team.

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The good news is that in addition to providing Physical Damage Bonuses, Mika can also increase the Attack Speed ​​of the characters on the team and occupy the role of Healer, in this way we can eliminate Diona in Physical Damage teams for a character who In addition to providing heals, it can boost the Main DPS.


Mika’s stats aren’t bad (for her role) and are similar to Yaoyao ‘s , although he has a bit more Health in comparison, but slightly less Defense; Here we can see the statistics that our Mika will have when he is promoted to level 90:

  • Base Life: 12,506.
  • Base Attack: 223.
  • Base Defense: 713.
  • Life Bonus %: 24%.

He has a moderately high Life for a four-star and his Base Defense isn’t bad at all, the only thing this character lacks in is his Base Attack, but it’s not that we’re very interested in this either.

By ascending him we will gain Life Bonus% , which is honestly the best they can give us in his case because his healing scales based on it.


Let’s see their talents or abilities.


The peculiarity in this attack combo is that he not only attacks with his spear, but also uses his crossbow in the Normal Attack combo.

  • Normal Attack : Perform a quick five-hit combo alternating his spear and crossbow.
  • Charged Attack : Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to dash forward against enemies.
  • Descending Attack : We will hit the ground causing a blow that causes Physical Damage in an area.


  • TdE: 15 s.
  • Frostbolt Damage: 120.96% (level 10).
  • Starfrost Sign Damage: 151.2% (level 10).
  • Astrofrost Shard Damage: 45.35% (level 10).
  • Flying Soul Duration: 12 sec.
  • Attack Speed ​​Increase: 22% (level 10).

If we simply use this ability by quickly pressing the associated key, Mika will launch an arrow of ice against the enemies; but if instead we hold the key down, we can aim at an enemy to shoot an astrofrost signal, which will rise to explode and launch astrofrost shards towards enemies.

In addition, when using this Elemental Skill we will enter the “Aeronanimal” state, which will increase the Attack Speed ​​of the character in use depending on the level in which this talent is; This will be very useful for those characters who carry a greatsword as a weapon, since these are a bit slow when it comes to attacking.


  • Energy Cost: 70.
  • TdE: 18 sec.
  • Health Regen on Cast: 21.9% of Max Health + 2,578 (level 10).
  • Aquilae Feather Regeneration: 4.38% of Max Health + 514 (level 10).
  • Aquilae Feather Life Regen Interval: 2.5s.
  • Aquilae Feather Duration: 15 sec.

Casting this Ultimate Mika will heal a certain amount of Health to the entire team based on their Max Health and grant the status « Feather Aquilae ». If a character under this state hits enemies with Normal Attacks, every 2.5 seconds they will recover some Health based on Mika’s Max Health.

This ult works in a similar way to Jean ‘s, initially it heals a moderate amount of health to the whole team and then it will only heal the active character on the field, the difference is that instead of having a healing area like Jean’s , we will have to attack the enemies with Normal Attacks for the healing to take place.

Its 18 second TOE might seem pretty high, but since its duration is 15 seconds it makes up for it; We will notice if we are still under the effects of Aquilae Feather if we have a small feather floating around our character.


This passive will add the possibility of creating charges of the ” Detection ” state when using Mika’s Elemental Ability, this state will give us a 10% Physical Damage Bonus and can be accumulated up to 3 times depending on the following:

  • We will gain a Detection charge for each enemy that has been damaged by Mika’s elemental’s ice arrow without holding the button.
  • For each enemy that is damaged by the shards that are created by exploding Mika’s elemental’s astrofrost signal with the button pressed, we will gain a Detection charge.

If Mika’s Elemental Skill is activated again before the effects wear off, we will lose any Detection charges we have accumulated.


If a character crits while under the effects of Mika’s ult and elemental, Mika will automatically gain a Detection state charge; in addition, the maximum charges of this state will be increased to 4 instead of 3.

We can only generate one Detection charge in this way, the rest of the charges will have to be obtained based on the number of enemies we hit with Mika’s elemental.


Mika will show the location of the Mondstadt specialties on the minimap when we are close to one.

It is the same passive talent that Klee has , it will be very useful to us if you did not get Klee in his day.


These are the benefits that Mika is obtaining through her Constellations:

  • C1 – Fated Friendship : This constellation will reduce the healing interval of Mika’s ult if the effects of the Elemental Skill are active when using the ult; said reduction is in proportion to the Attack Speed ​​bonus of the Elemental Skill.
  • C2 – The Path That Unites Us : When using Mika’s Elemental Ability we will gain a charge of the Detection state automatically.
  • C3 – Veteran Beater : Increases Ultimate Ability by 3 levels, can be increased up to 15 levels.
  • C4 – Praise of the Cencellada : When a character heals himself by attacking with Normal Attacks while the effects of Mika’s ult last, he will recover 3 points of Elemental Energy. Mika can recover up to 15 Elemental Energy this way.
  • C5 – Jingle Arrow : Increases Elemental Skill by 3 levels, can be increased up to 15 levels.
  • C6 – Tactical Assist : Increases the Critical Damage of Physical Attacks made by characters under the effects of Mika’s Elemental Skill by 60% and increases the maximum stackable Detection charges by 1.

His Constellations are quite good and they improve his performance a lot, making him heal more times and being able to grant a greater amount of Physical Damage Bonuses; The downside is that he is another character in the style of Kujou Sara , Gorou or Faruzán and we will only get the long-awaited 60% increase in Critical Damage with his C6.


Mika’s role is to support the team by increasing the Attack Speed ​​of the characters, providing Physical Damage Bonuses with her Elemental Ability and healing the team with her ult and its effect.

Unfortunately, Mika’s ult doesn’t land any hits and we’re not going to use her Normal Attacks because she lacks DPS potential; also, the damage of her Elemental Skill is quite low as we have already seen and it is not like she has the potential to apply a lot of Cryo; therefore, we will look for a build in which she can heal as much as possible and that allows her to have a high Energy Recharge, since for Mika to work correctly we will need to have her ult available at the same time as her Elemental Ability .


Celestial Spike in Genshin Impact

These are the spears that Mika may find useful.

  • Celestial Spike ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: The only thing that might interest us a little about its passive is the 8% Critical Chance it provides, but what really interests us about this spear is the amount of Energy Recharge it gives us .
  • Favonius Spear ⭐⭐⭐⭐: One of Mika’s best options, since it provides a high Energy Recharge and allows her to act as a battery for the group, the downside is that in the case of taking her with this weapon we will have to find one for her acceptable Critical Chance rate in your build.
  • Stellar Prototype ⭐⭐⭐⭐: Her Passive Ability doesn’t go very well with Mika, but it provides a high amount of Energy Recharge and is a weapon that we can create in the forge for “free”.
  • Black Tassel ⭐⭐⭐: It has a very low Base Attack but it will give us a very beastly amount of Life, which will allow us to improve its potential as a Healer.


Geoarmada Tenacity in Genshin Impact

As for stats on artifacts:

  • Helmet or Crown : Healing or Life Bonus %.
  • Clock : Recharge of Energy or Life %.
  • Chalice : Life %.

Substats you are looking for:

  • Priority: Life%, Life, Energy Recharge and Attack%.
  • No Priority: Critical Chance and Critical Damage.

And as for the Set of Artifacts, we primarily recommend this combination for Mika:

  • Geoweapon Tenacity :
    • 2 Pieces : +20% Life.
  • Fate Emblem :
    • 2 Pieces : +20% Energy Recharge.

The two pieces of Tenacity of the Geoarmada will increase Mika’s Life and therefore we will strengthen her healing capacity, while the two pieces of Emblem of Destiny will increase her Energy Recharge by 20%, which will be essential for us to have its always ready ulti.

If we are doing well with Energy Recharge, we can also replace the two pieces of Emblem of Destiny with two pieces of Oceanic Pearl or two pieces of Beloved Maiden to increase their Healing Bonus by 15%; We do not recommend running the Ocean Pearl set with Mika, as she can only heal with her ult and her healing intervals are too slow to make this set profitable.

Another possible option would be to equip him with 4 pieces of Ancient Ritual of Nobility to increase the team’s Attack by 20% for 12 seconds when casting the ult, but the problem with this is that the two-piece bonus that increases the damage of the ult will be in vain, since his ult does not deal damage (which is the same reason why we can not equip the four pieces of Emblem of Destiny).


Eula in Genshin Impact

These are some of the characters that Mika can support:

  • Cryo Characters : On the one hand we can enable the Cryo Consonance to increase the Critical Chance, they will help us recharge Mika’s ult and it doesn’t hurt to have a character that applies Cryo constantly to perform Superconductor together with an Electro character.
    • Eula : It is the quintessential Physical DPS of the game, on the one hand the Attack Speed ​​that Mika provides will come in handy to deal a greater number of blows and the Physical Damage Bonuses will be great for us to further enhance the damage of its basics and especially his deadly Ultimate Ability.
    • Rosaria : Creates many Elemental Particles with her Elemental Ability that will help us recharge Mika’s ulti and in her C6 she can lower the Physical Damage Resistance of the enemies when attacking them with her ulti, which will make a quite devastating combo for the Main DPS if we combine this with the Physical Damage Bonuses that Mika provides.
  • Electro Characters : It is of vital importance to have a character that applies Electro in a team with Mika, since the Elemental Reaction of Superconductor will be the one that allows us to lower the Resistance to Physical Damage of the enemies.
    • Razor : It is another Main DPS specialized in Physical Damage that was a bit forgotten, thanks to Mika’s Physical Damage Bonuses he will be able to increase his damage potential to have a more relevant damage; Furthermore, he is also a Claymore user, so he will benefit a lot from the Attack Speed ​​boost from Mika’s Elemental Skill.


We will need the following materials to promote him:

  • Jade Shivada.
  • Pseudostamen ( Sutej Worm ).
  • Wolf Hook .
  • Insignia of the Fatui.

And as for Talent Books and so on:

  • Poetry Books.
  • Insignia of the Fatui.
  • Mirror of the Mushin ( Mechanical God ).
  • Crown of Wisdom (Talent level 10).

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