April 21, 2024


Ayato is one of the most anticipated characters by Genshin Impact fans since the Arataki Itto trailer was announced in which we could hear his voice for the first time (besides being the brother of my favorite DPS in all of Genshin Impact).

It is a character with a rather curious mechanics; On the one hand, we have his Ultimate Ability that has a very long duration and is more oriented towards supporting other characters while performing Elemental Reactions and increasing the Normal Attacks of our team.

But on the other hand, the build, his favorite weapon, the mechanics and passives that Ayato possesses are very focused on increasing the damage of the Normal Attacks he makes during his Elemental Ability in which he makes basics imbued with water. She is a similar character to Yae Miko in that she doesn’t get to be a Main DPS but she steals a lot of time in the field.


Like his sister Kamisato Ayaka , Ayato wields a Light Sword ; which makes sense since his Elemental Ability is focused on giving a lot of slashes at high speed to apply a lot of Hydro to enemies (although it was said that he was also skilled with the Spear, I would have liked to have a Hydro lancer at last) .

He belongs to the group of characters with Hydro -type vision , which I quite like because both Permafrost and Vaporized teams need a character of this type and there are very few Hydro characters in the game; so many times when building teams we usually lack a character of this type (the only thing that doesn’t convince me about Hydro is the irrelevant consonance it has).


These would be Ayato’s stats upon reaching level 90:

  • Base Health: 13,715
  • Base Attack: 299
  • Base Defense: 769
  • Critical Damage: 88.4%

They are somewhat similar to Kamisato Ayaka ‘s stats and both characters also increase Critical Damage when ascending (which seems very positive to me), but Ayaka outperforms him in all areas except Life, which is true that Ayato has a little more. But overall, he has pretty decent and balanced stats.


These are all of Ayato’s talents or abilities (many things are pretty much copied from Ganyu).


The typical of the normal attack:

  1. Normal Attack: Perform a combo of up to five fast sword attacks.
  2. Charged Attack: Consumes a certain amount of stamina to land a blow with his sword.
  3. Descending Attack: Dive attack that deals damage in an area.


  • TOE: 12 seconds.
  • Torrential Reflection Duration: 6 seconds.
  • Water Clone Duration: 6 seconds.

This elemental ability is quite complex because it has many nuances, which is why we are going to fragment its effects so that it is not so difficult to understand.

  1. When activating the Elemental Ability Ayato creates a clone of water that will explode if there is an enemy nearby or if the duration time (6 seconds) runs out.
  2. Ayato enters Torrential Reflection mode, in which his sword is imbued with the Hydro element and deals AoE damage.
  3. When making attacks during this state, Ayato will gain the ” Sparkling Waves ” effect when hitting an enemy with the hydrosword (this effect has a maximum of 4 stacks and each can be gained every 0.1 seconds). This effect increases the hydrosword’s damage based on Ayato’s Max Life .
  4. While Ayato is in this state, he cannot perform Charge Attacks or Drop Attacks.
  5. Increases your interrupt resistance.


  • Energy Cost: 80
  • TOE: 20s
  • Duration: 18s

Ayato creates a fairly large area in which sharp edges of water will constantly emerge that will hit the enemies and imbue them with Hydro, this last one is very similar to Ganyu ‘s (which makes the two together go great in a team of frozen ).

In addition, while we are inside the Garden of Peace we will have an increase in the damage of Normal Attacks (if the talent is at level 10, our Normal Attacks will increase by 20% , which is quite a lot) and honestly, the last one lasts 18 seconds. looks amazing and will be wonderful for doing Elemental Reactions .


The following passive has two aspects:

  1. As soon as we activate the Elemental Skill, Ayato will immediately receive two stacks of Shimmering Wave.
  2. If the water clone is destroyed, Ayato will receive the maximum number of stacks of Shimmering Wave.

In short, the thing is to activate the Elemental Ability near an enemy so that the water clone explodes as soon as it enters the field so that we can have the maximum number of stacks.


If Kamisato Ayato is not on the field and has less than 40 Elemental Energy points, he will recover two Elemental Energy points every second .

I don’t think this passive is overly good, but it will help us a bit to pay for its expensive ultimate.


When we cook a dish perfectly, we will have an 18% chance of being given an additional dish with the “strange” quality.

This passive talent is not unknown to us, it is the same that Hu Tao has when cooking (although I did not imagine that Ayato would be so bad at cooking, of course Inazuma is not the cradle of cooks).


These are all the constellations of Ayato Kamisato:

  • C1 – Graceful Reflection : When attacking enemies with 50% or less health, we will increase the damage of hydrosword attacks (when the sword is imbued with hydro with the Elemental Skill) by 40%.
  • C2 – Earth Spring : Shimmering Surge now has 5 stacks instead of 4 and also by gaining 3 stacks of this effect, Ayato’s Max Life is now increased by 50%.
  • C3 -Floral Admiration : Increases the talent of «Kamisato Style: Reflected Beauty» (Elemental Skill) by 3 levels, it can be increased up to 15 levels.
  • C4 – Inexhaustible Flow : After using Ayato’s Ultimate, he increases the Attack Speed ​​of team members and nearby allies by 15% for 15 seconds (the one who will take advantage of this the most will be himself or if he supports a character like yomiya).
  • C5 – Rain Dew : Increases the talent «Kamisato Style: Water Garden» (Ultimate Ability) by 3 levels, it can be increased up to 15 levels.
  • C6 – Infinite Source:  Using the Elemental Skill and landing a hit will unleash two additional hits dealing 300% of Ayato’s Attack (these bonuses from Shimmering Wave do not apply to these additional hits).

The good thing about it is that the important constellations are really the first two, but I find it in very bad taste that the damage from the Shimmering Swell effect is only relevant from C2 (because the damage bonus from C0 doesn’t either is the big deal).


Ayato is good as both a Main DPS and Sub DPS.


Futsu's Rippling Moon in Genshin Impact

In terms of weapons there are many good options for Ayato but most are five stars:

  • Futsu’s Undulating Moon ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ : The truth is that this weapon is quite broken: it gives us an elemental bonus of 12%, a 33.1% Critical Chance and on top of that it can increase Ayato’s Normal Attacks by a 40% if we do the team rotations well (I don’t think you can ask for anything more).
  • Primordial Jade Cutter ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: Provides a bestial Critical Chance that will be great when building it and also will not increase Life by 20% in addition to giving us an Attack bonus in proportion to it and you already know the bonuses that Ayato has regarding his Maximum Life (the truth, this sword with an Ayato in C2 looks very interesting).
  • Reflection of Darkness ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ : This sword will give us quite interesting Elemental Damage Bonuses in addition to increasing our Critical Damage even more; Since Ayato will always be making Normal Attacks with his Elemental Ability, it will be very easy for him to get the Mistcutter emblems to always have the Elemental Damage as high as possible.
  • Black Sword ⭐⭐⭐⭐ : It gives us a good Critical Chance and increases the damage of Normal Attacks by 20% permanently (which is very good for Ayato with his elemental); if we refine this sword to R5 we can get up to 40% in Normal Attacks (and well, from time to time it will also recover a little life).


As for stats on artifacts:

  • Helmet or Crown : Critical Chance or Critical Damage, always look for the balance between these two statistics.
  • Clock : Attack %.
  • Chalice : Bonus Hydro Damage.

Substats you are looking for:

  • Priority: Critical Damage, Critical Chance, Attack % and Energy Recharge.
  • No Priority: Life % and Elemental Mastery.

It’s true that Health % gives him a bonus when using his Elemental Ability, but it’s not good enough to focus on going too much Health. Of course, if you already recharge to spare, then put life into it instead of recharging; and in C2 yes it is quite worth the life (but do not forget to recharge well anyway).

And as for the Artifact Set :

  • 2 Pieces : +18% to Attack.
  • 4 Pieces : When executing a Normal Attack we have a 36% chance of activating the “Valley Ritual” effect, when activating this effect we will execute another Normal Attack boosted based on 70% of our Attack and after dealing it the effect will dissipate. If the effect doesn’t activate the first time, the next hit will increase its chance to activate the effect by 20% (this activation can only occur once every 0.2 seconds).

Obviously this set is designed for the mechanics that Ayato has with his Elemental Ability and it is one more way to enhance his hydrosword attacks; but if you don’t get good enough artifacts or you want to use what you already have, I recommend:

  • 2 Gladiator Ending Pieces / Reminiscence of Purification : +18% to Attack.
  • 2 Pieces of Heart of the Deep : 15% Hydro Damage Bonus.

And if instead you want to focus more on the damage of the Ultimate Ability, change the two pieces of Gladiator or Reminiscence for two pieces of Ancient Ritual of Nobility .


Ganyu in Genshin Impact

These are the companions that I recommend you take with Ayato:

  • Ganyu : The best without a doubt to go with him in a Permafrost team; His Ultimates are very similar and both last long on the field, so enemies are always going to be frozen very comfortably and in a very wide area.
  • Ayaka : It will help her little sister a lot when it comes to freezing the enemies so they don’t escape from my dearest Ayaka’s devastating Ultimate. In addition, within the last one she will bonus Normal Attacks (and she will be imbued with Cryo just by doing her dash, which will make you hit more and keep them frozen forever).
  • Yoimiya : When thinking about Normal Attack bonuses, the first character that comes to mind is Yoimiya without a doubt; Ayato’s ultimate bonus will come in handy for him and it will also allow him to do a few Vaporized.
  • Xiangling : Another option for Ayato is to take with our indispensable cook Xiangling, the function would be very similar to the Vaporized combo that he performs with Tartaglia (but somewhat less durable).
  • Kazuha : If in addition to taking it with Ganyu you add Kazuha to lower resistance while providing elemental bonuses, you end up demolishing whatever it is.
  • Yun Jin : If you decide to run Ayato as Main DPS, Yun Jin can buff that damage to Normal Attacks even more and make a very big buff (or you can run them together to buff someone like Yoimiya).


We will need the following materials to upgrade you:

  • Lazurite Varunada.
  • Dew of Rejection ( Hypostasis Hydro ).
  • Cherry Petals .
  • Samurai and nobushi handguards.

And as for Talent Books and others:

  • Books of Elegance.
  • Samurai and nobushi handguards.
  • Mudra of the Relentless Shogun ( Almighty Narukami of Catastrophe ).
  • Crown of Wisdom (Talent level 10).

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