April 21, 2024
F1 22 launches and brings new cars and VR support

F1 22 launches and brings new cars and VR support

EA released this Friday (1st) the long-awaited “ F1 22 ”, the official racing game, coming to PC (via Steam and Origin), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

In a statement, the company highlights that this year’s launch brings new cars and new tracks – in addition to the update of some circuits in Spain, Australia and Abu Dhabi.

In the technical part, “ F1 22 ” arrives with a revised physics system, improvements in the steering controls and news that make the equipment applied to the car similar to what is most modern in the racing world today.

There is also an adaptive artificial intelligence system, which makes opponents able to offer an above-average level of competitiveness if the player’s skill is also higher.

For those playing on PC, EA announces the arrival of the VR experience for the first time. Additionally, the audio on all versions has been reworked to offer significant changes, such as expanding the commentary team to more regions, dynamic sounds, and a licensed soundtrack.

Changes to the new F1 experience

F1 22 - Electronic Arts

Image: Electronic Arts

Players can now rely on F1 Life, a customizable social hub that showcases what a driver’s life is like away from the tracks. Here everyone will be able to show off their collection of cars, accessories and trophies – items that are won by completing certain challenges during the game.

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