April 15, 2024


I really wanted the Cult of the Lamb and of course today, being the day of its release, I was going to get it. In fact, I already gave my impressions about this indie when I played the demo, I’ll leave them here in case you want to take a look at it.

The case, I bring you the first guide in which we will make a compilation of the 3 Dark Forest mini-bosses  that we will have to face at the beginning (Dark Forest is the first area of ​​the game) that the truth is that they are quite simple and surely don’t give you too much trouble… but I’ve decided to create a guide for all the bosses and that includes, well, all of them.

The truth is that at the moment the game looks incredible, you will tell me in comments what you think of it at the moment if you are playing it. But hey, I roll up as always, let’s go with the guide of each of the Dark Forest minibosses.


Amdusias in Cult of the Lamb

These are the attacks of Amdusias:

  • Charge : It will turn white (as all enemies do before attacking) and after that it will dive trying to hit us. The thing does not have much mystery, it is easily dodged with a dash and as it warns us about turning white, then easy.
  • Summon Compis : Very often he will summon bugs that are like him but smaller. They mess with their stuff and will charge like him (less powerful and with less range). You will also have to watch out for these little bugs.
  • Throw Things : I’m not sure what he throws, but from time to time he will throw things out of his mouth that will fall to the ground. The game will mark just where those things will fall, so just don’t stand there; very easy to dodge.

I recommend you use the dash constantly to avoid eating the charge attacks. The idea is that you give a hit (beware if the enemies are blank, better wait a bit then) and quickly move away making «dashes» (taking into account the position of all the enemies, not just Amdusias); then you come back and well, all the time like that.

Regarding the compis that he is summoning… don’t focus purely on them, nor go over them. His thing is that you focus more on the boss since it depends on whether you overcome the encounter, but between what you dodge and others to the boss if you have one of his comrades out there then take advantage and kill him to clean the room and not accumulate too much ; Which are dangerous after all.


Valefar in Cult of the Lamb

His attacks:

  • Jump : Every two or three times it will make a jump in one direction and of course you will have to dodge it because when it falls to the ground it creates a small area of ​​effect that will damage you if you are close (very close, but hey, be careful).
  • Multiple Fireball : It will simultaneously launch fireballs in all directions, simply dodge it by standing in the gap between them.
  • Fireballs in Streak : It will launch fireballs one at a time quickly while changing direction. Again it is very easy to dodge, it is not very complicated, the bad thing would be that it catches too close when you do it (as in the previous case).

His pattern is very easy to learn. He usually makes 2 Jump attacks and just after a short time a Fireball attack (either one of them) and from here the loop repeats. As soon as the second one you quickly get close to give him a hit or two and quickly move away to avoid the Fireballs and voila, if you do this he will fall easily.

Be careful because sometimes it only makes one Jump and it can confuse you, in that case don’t go crazy, wait for it to launch its Balls of Fire and wait again for it to do the 2 Jumps.


Barbatos in Cult of the Lamb


  • Dig : The boss usually moves on the ground in a mole plan and you will see the typical trail of sand indicating where it is going. Don’t go near him when he does this.
  • Path of Thorns : Barbatos will create a kind of paths in all directions from which a kind of thorns will rise. Do not be close when he does it or you will eat the attack yes or yes and stand in one of the holes that will be created (where there are no these paths we go).
  • Spits : Will launch several spits into the air. The best time to hit him for a while between throwing them and others. The area where they will fall is marked on the ground, as long as you don’t hit it just if a spit appears there, everything is fine.

The best way to defeat him is to let him Dig and as soon as he emerges see if he turns white or not. If he turns white he will do «Spits» and therefore you can approach him to hit him until he sinks again. If it doesn’t turn white it will do “Path of Thorns”, so it is best to keep your distance to dodge.

And that’s it! Well, as I said, the first very simple bosses, in the end they are mini-bosses and we could wait, on top of that they are from the first area of ​​the game (Dark Forest). But hey, what do you think of Cult of the Lamb at the moment ? have you defeated the bosses in a different way? Leave your comment!

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