April 21, 2024
CORSAIR K70 RGB Pro - Test & Review

CORSAIR K70 RGB Pro – Test & Review

CORSIR has long been a leading brand in computer components , since a couple of years ago they have also developed various accessories for gaming, for both consoles and computers.

Today, they make everything from keyboards and gaming chairs to RAM and computer chassis. Among the latest additions of keyboards is the model K70 RGB Pro, which is a further development of the popular model K70 RGB. It is a lavish model developed specifically for gaming and comes with a number of exciting features.

We have tested the keyboard and in this review you can read about our experiences!

First impressions

When we unpack the CORSAIR K70 RGB Pro for the first time, we are greeted by a well-packed and stylish box that protects the keyboard well. When inspecting the keyboard, there are no tendencies to mark the surface or any rattling when shaking, which is of course positive.

The K70 RGB Pro feels relatively heavy in weight and gives a solid and stable feeling. Overall, we think the keyboard gives a good first impression in every way.

Design and layout

If we look at how the K70 RGB Pro is built, it is a full-size mechanical keyboard with a numpad on the side, in addition, a magnetic wrist rest is also included, which is made of plastic and has a slightly rough surface. 

We think the keyboard feels incredibly well-built and the choice of material with brushed black aluminum gives a really nice premium feeling. Should we remark on anything, it is that the wrist support feels a bit plastic and could have been more comfortable.

If you are familiar with what the predecessor K70 RGB looks like, you will recognize a lot in the design of the K70 RGB Pro, but there are also a couple of improvements. First and foremost, the power cable is detachable and can thus be easily replaced to get a different length of cable. 

Picture showing CORSAIR K70 RGB Pro connection via cable, which is also removable.

Furthermore, the function buttons and the volume control have been placed at the far end towards the edges, at the same time as the status indicator in the middle has become larger.

Each key has individual RGB lighting, which can be customized or you can choose from several preset modes.

The K70 RGB Pro is not equipped with USB pass-through or any dedicated macro buttons, so the keyboard does not take up too much space as many other full-size models can.

Keys & switches

Unlike its predecessor K70 RGB, the Pro version is available in several versions with different switches from Cherry, these are MX Speed, MX Red, MX Brown, MX Blue and MX Silent. Our test model is equipped with MX Red, which are linear switches and compliant all the way down without any distinct clicking sound, which many gamers like, including us.

On top of the switches are extra durable double-shot PBT keys, which have a small scaling and are also slightly blasted, which gives a little extra grip.

CORSAIR K70 RGB Pro review, test, rating.  The picture shows the Cherry MX Red switches which are linear and compliant all the way down.  Perfect for gaming and comfortable to write on.

One of the main ingredients in the K70 RGB Pro is Axon Hyper Processing Technology, which enables the keyboard to deliver the keystrokes at hyper-fast speeds to the computer. It supports up to 8000 Hz, which in time is equal to 0.125 ms.

An interesting detail that we like is that there is a button on the front that turns on tournament mode, which means that any macros are turned off and the RGB lighting becomes static. In addition, the ability to switch between profiles is turned off. These three changes mean that you can quickly get ready for a serious match in which you want to perform well.


With the help of CORSAIR’s software iCUE, it is possible to adapt the K70 RGB Pro and other products from CORSAIR to your own preferences. It is now a very good software that is simple and easy to use according to us.

Inside the iCUE, you can customize the RGB lighting, macros, change what keys do, and control AXON’s technology. In addition, you handle updates from here. 

Up to 50 different profiles can be saved thanks to the built-in 8MB memory. The possibilities to adjust the RGB lighting are endless, but there are also most very cool preset modes to explore.

CORSAIR K70 RGB Pro review, review, test.  Here is an image from within iCUE software, where you can control and customize the keyboard to your liking.  Set macro, adjust RGB or change Polling rate.

Play on K70 RGB Pro

We put K70 RGB Pro to work by testing it in a number of different games in different types of genres, such as Elden Ring, Valorant, League of Legends and others. 

We think that regardless of whether it is large open worlds, MOBA or competition-oriented FPS, the K70 RGB Pro is doing well and we do not notice any problems with the game. We experience a fast response from the keyboard and low delay at the touch of a button. 

When we activated 8000 Hz in polling rate and tested different situations that required fast movements, we thought it made a difference, even if it is about small margins.

Furthermore, the K70 RGB Pro is comfortable to rest your hands on and use, which of course is an important part of gaming. As we mentioned earlier in the review, the palm rest could have been a little more comfortable, but it’s nothing we bother about significantly when playing.

We think the dedicated button that turns on tournament mode is a useful solution. We used it on several occasions when it was time for ranked matches and could then quickly and easily turn it off again.

Write on K70 RGB Pro

This is also a keyboard that is nice to type and work on. Thanks to the relatively discreet design, it fits just as well in an office as in a gaming room in our opinion.

The red Cherry MX switches on our copy are soft and easily pressed down. The keyboard itself is stable and robust on both a mouse pad and a regular table, and you do not have to worry about it slipping.

Summary of CORSAIR K70 RGB Pro

CORSAIR’s K70 RGB Pro is a well-built, full-size keyboard that has been developed for gaming and is suitable for both competition-oriented players and those who play more casual.

Among some of the distinctive features of the K70 RGB Pro are the button that activates tournament mode, 8000Hz polling rate and individual RGB lighting for each key.

We are impressed with the stylish design of the keyboard and the design of the keys. We also like the ability to save many different profiles to be able to create optimal settings for different games. One detail we thought could have been better is the wrist rest, which felt a bit plastic.

Overall, it is a fast, stylish and future-proof gaming keyboard, which we can really recommend for you who are looking for a top model.

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