April 15, 2024
Best Gaming Package 2022 - Tips on Complete Games Packages

Best Gaming Package 2022 – Tips on Complete Games Packages

In this article, we have selected our favorites of ready-made gaming packages. It includes everything from completely complete packages with computer, screen and accessories, to smaller packages where a keyboard and mouse are included.

There are many advantages to buying a ready-made gaming package, partly because it is easy and you do not have to look around and read a lot to find the right products. Furthermore, the gadgets in the gaming packages usually match each other, which makes your setup look uniform and stylish.

Another aspect is that a gaming package usually offers a significantly better price compared to if you had bought equivalent products separately. 

Now we take and check out our top list of gaming packages!

Top list of gaming packages 2022

1. Shark Gaming – Serious Gamer Pack

Shark Gaming - Gaming package

Complete gaming package

  • Perfect for both beginners and experienced gamers
  • 27 inch arched 165 Hz gaming screen
  • High FPS thanks to GeForce RTX 3060 Ti
  • Gaming mouse & keyboard with RGB lighting
  • Comfortable gaming headset of only 250 grams

2. CORSAIR Gaming Package

CORSAIRS Gaming package is a favorite with us and consists of a mouse, keyboard, headset and mouse pad of high quality.

4-in-1 accessory package

  • Headset, keyboard, mouse & mouse pad
  • Good choice for you who want to match the gaming stuff
  • High quality sound and detachable microphone
  • Lightweight and flexible gaming mouse
  • Controls everything smoothly in the iCUE software

3. Shark Gaming – No Compromise Gaming Package

Shark Gaming No Compromise is a lavish gaming package that can handle most of today's games with high graphics settings.  Best gaming package premium 2022.

Complete gaming package

  • Expensive products for the discerning gamer
  • Play in 1440p Ultra with high FPS
  • 34 inch WQHD 144 Hz gaming screen
  • i7-12700KF GeForce RTX 3070 Ti
  • Both the gaming mouse and the headset are wireless
  • Mechanical keyboard

4. Arrogant Sphere Gaming Package

Arrogant Sphere 4-in-1 RGB is an affordable and inexpensive gaming package that is suitable for both beginners and casual gamers.

4-in-1 RGB accessory package

  • Affordable and cheap gaming package
  • RGB lighting on everything
  • Full-size keyboard with function keys
  • Comfortable headphones with microphone
  • Gaming mouse with smooth change of DPI

5. Asus TUF Gaming Combo K1

Asus TUF Gaming Combo K1 is a 2-in-1 gaming package with keyboard and mouse.  Affordable and nice!

Keyboard and mouse

  • Nice gaming package
  • Keyboard with 5 zones RGB lighting
  • Dedicated volume wheel
  • Comfortable wrist rest
  • Computer mouse with DPI adjustment

6. Shark Gaming – Casual Gamer Pack

Shark Gaming Casual is a gaming package that is suitable for children and those who play a little casual from time to time.  Best cheap choice in our opinion.

Complete gaming package

  • Excellent gaming package for children & beginners
  • Play in 1080p Ultra with high FPS in many games
  • i5-11400F & GeForce RTX 1660 SUPER
  • 27 inch 165Hz Curved gaming screen
  • RGB lighting on all accessories

7. The G-LAB Combo Argon

THe G-Lab Combo Argon is an awesome gaming package with RGB and matching products.

4-in-1 gaming package

  • Cheap gaming package with the most important things
  • Stylish RGB lighting on keyboard and mouse
  • Comfortable headset with microphone
  • Non-slip mouse pad
  • Dedicated multimedia buttons

8. Deltaco Gamingkit RGB

Deltaco Gamingkit is a really nice impression.  delicious package with RGB on all products that

4-in-1 gaming package

  • Good starter kit from Deltaco
  • Matching gadgets and all have RGB lighting
  • Quiet keyboard
  • Gaming mouse with two side buttons
  • Gaming headphones with imitation leather and microphone

Choosing the right gaming package

Whether you have been playing computer games for a while or have plans to get started, a gaming package is a convenient alternative and affordable way to get started. There are a couple of different factors that may be worth thinking about and these we will go through below.

Different types of gaming packages

There are different types of gaming packages when it comes to how many products are included in the package, the most common forms are: 

  • A completely complete gaming package – This includes a computer, screen, keyboard, mouse, headphones and mouse pad. In other words, everything so that you can get started smoothly and easily. The products in these packages are designed to match each other and are usually specified for the type of level that the package is suitable for.
  • 4-in-1 gaming package  – Also called gaming kit or accessory package. This is a gaming package with mouse, keyboard, headset and mouse pad. Then all the accessories match with each other and you can choose the computer and monitor yourself.
  • 2-in-1, keyboard and mouse combo – A good gaming package for you who may already have a  gaming setup  and want to upgrade some of it.


When you know what type of gaming package you want, you need to decide on a budget, what you might want to pay for the products. Depending on which package you want, the prices are a little different, a 2-in-1 package with keyboard and mouse can cost between 500-1000 kronor, while 4-in-1 gaming packages can end up between 1000-2000 kronor.

If you are looking for a completely complete set of gaming gadgets, these can cost both SEK 15,000 and SEK 50,000, depending on what you want the computer and screen to be able to handle.

Image showing an awesome gaming package.

Your preferences

Have you recently started gaming or are you planning to play more casual? Then a simpler and slightly cheaper gaming package can be a good start, with the opportunity to upgrade in the future.

If, on the other hand, you play a lot, it may be worthwhile to go up a bit in the price ranges, so that you get gaming gadgets that you can use for a long time without having to feel that you want to upgrade. Sharp gaming gadgets also make the gaming experience more enjoyable, especially for competition-oriented games.

Buying guides for gaming equipment

If you would rather pick up your gaming stuff yourself but want some guidance along the way, you can check out our buying guides and best in tests, such as:

  • Best gaming computer
  • Best gaming screen
  • Best gaming keyboard
  • Best gaming mouse 
  • Best gaming headset
  • Best gaming mouse pad

Summary of the best gaming package 2022

Buying a gaming package is a convenient and easy way to get started with your gaming or upgrade your old gaming gadgets.

A gaming package is usually very affordable and a cheap alternative compared to buying equivalent products separately. In addition, you know that the gadgets match each other and play well together.

In this article, we have developed the eight best gaming packages in 2022 in our opinion, both completely complete packages and smaller combinations. These are:

  1. Shark Gaming – Serious Gamer Pack
  2. CORSAIR Gaming Package
  3. Shark Gaming – No Compromise Gaming Package
  4. Arrogant Sphere Gaming Package
  5. Asus TUF Gaming Combo K1
  6. Shark Gaming – Casual Gamer Pack
  7. The G-LAB Combo Argon
  8. Deltaco Gamingkit RGB

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