April 16, 2024
CORSAIR K70 Pro Mini Wireless - Test & Review

CORSAIR K70 Pro Mini Wireless – Test & Review

CORSAIR is a well-known brand in computer components, but has also had a large range of accessories for both computers and consoles for a couple of years now.

One of the latest releases from CORSAIR is the K70 Pro Mini, which is a keyboard in mini format. It is a further development of the popular CORSAIR K65 Mini, with the big difference that the K70 is a wireless model, as well as a couple of other differences we will come to later.

We have tested the K70 Pro Mini and in this article you will find our review of the keyboard!


The K70 Mini Pro comes well packaged in a nice box and in addition to the keyboard itself, it also comes with: 

  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • Slipstream USB dongle
  • Alternate space bar
  • Optional ESC key
  • Two tools for removing keys and switches

When we lift out of the keyboard from the drawer, it feels quite heavy and gives a solid feeling. When checking the keyboard, no marks or the like are visible and it does not make any noise when shaken a little. The K70 Mini Pro delivers a good first impression on all levels.

Design and layout

K70 Mini Pro is a mechanical mini keyboard that is primarily developed for gaming. As the name suggests, it is a small keyboard (60%) and both numpad, arrow keys and function keys have been peeled off. Worth noting is that this is actually CORSAIR’s first wireless keyboard of this size. 

If we take a closer look at the material choices and design for the K70 Pro Mini, there are two major differences from its predecessor, the K65. The chassis is made of black aluminum that both feels and looks lavish, in addition, the keyboard has two feet to adjust the height. At K65, the chassis was made of plastic and it lacked feet. We think two very good improvements from CORSAIR.

CORSAIR K70 Pro Mini RGB.  Test and review of this mini keyboard.

Furthermore, the K70 Pro Mini has individual RGB lighting for each key and also a narrow LED loop that goes around the entire lower edge of the keyboard. This gives a really nice impression. The entire keyboard lighting can be adjusted manually completely to your own taste or there are lots of preset modes to choose from.

You can connect the K70 Pro Mini to your computer in three ways, either via a USB cable, Bluetooth or CORSAIR’s fast in-house developed technology Slipstream. Something we really like is that several devices can be connected to the same USB dongle, so if you also have a pair of wireless gaming headphones and a wireless gaming mouse from CORSAIR, all three can be synced to the same USB dongle. Perfect for not having to use multiple USB ports in the computer.

Keys & switches

The K70 Pro Mini is available in two versions when it comes to switches, MX Speed ​​or MX Red. Both are linear switches, which means that the keys go all the way down without any click on the road. Our test copy is equipped with MX Red. 

Many gamers, including us, prefer linear switches as it provides a quick response. We experience that the K70 Pro Mini responds quickly at the push of a button and notices any problems at all.

The keys themselves are so-called double-shot PBT keys, which are very durable. We also like that they have a light scaling for the finger. 

CORSAIR K70 Pro Mini you can change keys on.  The picture shows different choices of colors on keys and varieties on switches.

As we mentioned earlier in the review, CORSAIR sends with two tools to be able to replace keys and switches if desired. However, it does not come with any extra switches or keys (except for an extra space bar and ESC key), unless purchased separately.

Software & connection

CORSAIR has a software called iCUE where you can customize the K70 Pro Mini and other products from the brand. We think that nowadays it is a very good software that is smooth and easy to navigate. 

Via iCUE, you can create macros, change keystrokes, customize RGB lighting, and select response from the keyboard. Software updates for the keyboard are also handled from here. 

We like that it is possible to save up to 50 different profiles on the built-in memory. In this way, you can create specific profiles for different games. In addition, the RGB settings are many and there are lots of nice preset modes if you do not want to create something completely yourself.

This shows the Corsair K70 Pro Mini Keyboard inside the iCUE software.

Play on K70 RGB Pro

When it comes to gaming, the K70 Pro Mini is a very nice keyboard to use and is especially strong in FPS games, we think. The linear switches are relatively quiet and quick to feedback at the push of a button. We experience that the response is fast and without any strangeness.

Like several other models from CORSAIR, the K70 Pro Mini is equipped with their Axon Hyper-Processing Technology, which enables speeds up to 8000 Hz. What does that mean then? Well, if we take 1000 Hz, which is the standard speed for many keyboards, it means that it takes 1 millisecond for the computer to register a keystroke from the keyboard. With 8000 Hz, it goes 8 times faster and takes only 0.125 milliseconds before the computer registers the keyboard keystroke.

We seem to notice a certain difference when 8000 Hz is activated, but it is difficult to determine if it is actually a difference or a placebo effect, it is about extremely small differences in speeds. To activate this quick mode, you need to have iCUE installed and use a 3.0 USB port and have Windows 10 / macOS 10.15 or later. 

As for the battery life on the keyboard, we think it is good for being a wireless keyboard. With RGB lighting on, we can use the keyboard for about 30 hours, if you turn it off, the battery life will be significantly longer, up to 200 hours according to CORSAIR.

Write on K70 Pro Mini

In addition to being a really sharp keyboard for gaming, we think the K70 Pro Mini is a competent and good model for writing in, for example, office work or school work. 

It is relatively quiet with its linear switches and does not disturb much. However, if you like to have a clicking sound when typing, this keyboard is not for you. 

It should also be said that the design of the K70 Pro Mini will be discreet if the RGB lighting is turned off, which makes it just as suitable in the office as in the  gaming setup .

If we look at the ergonomic part, we may lack a wrist rest, to make it really comfortable when writing. The keys end up a bit up from the table now.

CORSAIR K70 Pro Mini from the front, here you can see the on and off button, charger and holder for the USB dongle.

Summary of CORSAIR K70 Pro Mini

The K70 Pro Mini is a lavish and well-built gaming keyboard in mini size (60%) that is perfect for fast and competitive games.

We are impressed by how solid and stable the keyboard is and how fast it feels in many games. The design with RGB lighting for each individual key combined with an LED loop around the entire keyboard is really cool. 

We would have liked to have seen that there was a wrist support for better ergonomics. Otherwise, it is a top model and a keyboard we can highly recommend if you are looking for something to play on in mini format.

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