April 16, 2024
Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok - Guide to the Mysteries

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok – Guide to the Mysteries

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has been updated with the version The Dawn of Ragnarok, a version full of Mysteries that are inserted into new maps: none of these mysteries is avoidable if you want to take home the trophy for this we have thought of a guide .

We have decided to enclose in a single guide all the Mysteries of the various regions that this immense expansion has brought with it within the Ubisoft title and if you missed our review of the game, rest assured: as always we leave you a support link!

The Mysteries are automatically synchronized once the point of interest is reached with the classic eye of the eagle and are highlighted with a blue icon on the map.

These Mysteries can involve Temporary Events, Altars of the Dwarves, Ancient Relics and Dwarves in Difficulty: once all the Mysteries are finished you will have obtained the trophy “on top of the hill …”

What are the Mysteries of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok? Here is the guide!

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Mysteries of the Eitir region

Mystery # 1

In the Eitir region, talk to the dwarf and follow him – he should go to his house to look for something. Using the Eye of Odin you will notice an object to the left of the room (if you entered through the main door). Take the item, give it to the dwarf and complete the dialogue. Nothing simpler.

Mysteries of the Svandal region

Mystery # 2

Let’s change region and head to Svandal, from here talk to a couple of fishermen who will tell you that a fish has eaten the key of a chest that is next to them. Search the lake and you will find a large fish that is none other than a Jotun in disguise. After defeating the fish, use the key to open the chest.

Mystery # 3

Also in the Svandal region, defeat the enemies of the dwarves who ask for help.

#Mystery 4

Talk to Skavi, then thanks to the Raven Power (which can be obtained from the crow next to the NPC) head to Muspelheim Monolith, from here defeat the enemies, free Kraka and talk to Skavi again.

Mystery # 5

Talk to the woman highlighted in blue on the map: she will turn into a she-wolf, follow her and defeat the wolves that threaten her lair.

Mystery # 6

Watch the video next to the anvil.

Mystery # 7

Another dwarf to be rescued in this region.

Mystery # 8

Another anvil, another film.

Mystery # 9

Defeat the Jotun riding a giant boar and you will get the beast as a friendly mount.

Mysteries of the Gullnamar region

Mystery # 10

We are now in Gullnamar and interacting with the artifact next to the anvil we will complete the first mystery of the region.

Mystery # 11

Kill the boar and then talk to Frodri. Follow the hobb… er, dwarf, as he rambles on a cursed ring, a mountain and an evil witch. He will take a shortcut to the mushrooms, eat them and get sick. Offer him a ration and he’ll feel better. He keeps walking, so kill a snake. Follow him to Cracks of Doom (well, a little bit) and watch the events unfold. This will put an end to this brilliant Ester Egg.

Mystery # 12

You need 5 Pollock (normal). Either way, go to the river just north of the altar and proceed. Once you have 5 Pollocks (they must be regular), return and claim your reward.

Mystery # 13

Kill the enemies and free the dwarves.

Mystery # 14

First, to progress on this mission you will need the Instant Horde upgrade for Hugr-Rip’s Rebirth Power. This costs 5 Silica and 20 Living Sparks, which can be found by Muspel enemies, with a guaranteed drop from Flame-Keepers. If you don’t have the Rebirth Power active, there is a handy group of Muspel enemies nearby that you can drain from. Then, he talks to the woman and uses the Power to “resurrect” the corpse. You have to do this three times and there are a lot of Hugr flowers and a statue nearby to fill it in if needed. After the hilarious scenes, he talks to the woman to get the key and complete this mystery.

Mystery # 15

You need 5 hare feet for this. There are many hares scattered around the hill this Altar is on, so keep killing and looting them until you have enough.

Mystery # 16

Kill the wolves and talk to the dwarf

Mysteries of the Vangrinn region

Mystery # 17

We are in the last region that of Vangrinn: defeat the enemies and talk to the dwarf.

Mystery # 18

On the spot, talk to the dwarf and then take his basket from the cart. Carry the basket over the nearby lake until you reach an open-air cave with a crevice in the left wall through which you can crouch. Place the basket among the flowers. Now go back to the dwarf to complete this mystery.

Mystery # 19

You will need two lynx legs to complete the mystery.

Mystery # 20

Get to the anvil.

Mystery # 21

Another dwarf to be saved by killing everyone (an epic fantasy these developers). Mystery # 21 Collect 5 Wolf Claws to complete the mystery.

Mystery # 22

Defeat the Jotun disguised as a bear and talk to the dwarf.

Mystery # 23

As you approach the location of this mystery, a dwarf named Banski will run away from you thinking you are a Jotun. Follow it down through the large hole in the ground. Once underground, use Jotunheim’s Power to teleport to the next room. In this room, dispose of the mice by sending them to the sewer crate and then move the platform forward to enter a new room. Eventually you will have to move other platforms to go back and reunite with Banski. Talk to him to complete this mystery.

Mystery # 24

Another Anvil … another solution.

Mystery # 25

Get 6 Silica.

Mystery # 26

Another dwarf to save.

Mystery # 27

On the spot, talk to the dwarf. He will ask you to retrieve his hammer which is in the middle of the small lava lake nearby. Take it and return it to him. You will somehow wake up in a prison cell. To open the door, approach the Jotun guard from one of the prison cell windows to steal the key. Then, unlock the door, kill the guard, and then retrieve the equipment and armor. Eventually, you will need to exit a cave by crossing a small river of lava. This puts an end to the Mystery.

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