April 21, 2024
WoW: WotLK Classic - Guide to Flying and Cold Weather Flight in Northrend

WoW: WotLK Classic – Guide to Flying and Cold Weather Flight in Northrend

In this guide to flying in Wrath of the Lich King Classic , you’ll learn:

  • How to learn to ride in WotLK
  • Where to find the Riding Instructor for Cold Weather Flight
  • How to equip your second character with it

Flying in Northrend – Cold weather flight required

During your travels in the frigid expanses of Northrend, you’ve probably wondered when you’ll be able to mount your flying mounts again. Flying greatly simplifies leveling and was one of the great features of the previous expansion, The Burning Crusade Classic. However, flying is not available in Northrend from the start (at least not for your main character).

In order to take to the skies, you must first reach level 77 – which is the level cap for the Cold Weather Flight ability , which allows you to fly in Northrend. For them, in addition to the high level, you also need the skill “Experienced Riding”.

Where can I learn cold weather flight?

If you have met the requirements, you go to one of the three teachers  :

  • Hira Snow Dawn in Dalaran at coordinates 70.8 / 45.6
  • Pilot Vic in the Sholazar Basin at coordinates 50.0 / 61.6
  • Rox Ram Rocket in the Storm Peaks at coordinates 40.6 / 84.8

The three instructors will teach you cold-weather flight for a whopping 1,000 gold . But remember that you only get the opportunity to fly in Northrend. This will not give you faster flight speed.

The price of 1,000 gold is also fixed since no teacher belongs to a reputation faction . For example, in The Burning Crusade Classic, it was possible to farm reputation with various factions, reducing the cost of flying skills.

Cold weather flight on the second character: This way you fly much earlier

If you have leveled your first character to level 80 and have already purchased Cold Weather Flight with them, you can teach your second character to fly in Northrend from level 68. This makes the level phase much easier. All you have to do is buy the Tome of Cold Weather Flight item from Hira Snowdawn in Dalaran. Like the ability, the tome costs 1,000 gold and is bound to an account. This means you can mail it to your various characters – but not to other players.

Can I take off without a cold-weather flight?

If you haven’t saved 1,000 gold yet, but are still level 77, you can borrow various flying mounts from NPC “Honest” Max in the Storm Peaks. These are not as fast as normal flight mounts (150/280 percent mount speed vs. 60 percent), but they don’t cost you a penny and will get you from A to B in the Storm Peaks, Sholazar Basin and Icecrown.

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