April 16, 2024


Serinoa Wolffort is the protagonist of Triangle Strategy and therefore she is a character that we will have available from the beginning of our game.

It must be said that to no one’s surprise (he is the protagonist), it is a character that is not bad at all. He is a warrior-type character more oriented to DPS than resistance itself and therefore I recommend that you invest everything you can in increasing his damage (some survival will not hurt him either, which after all is a front line character).


Let’s start by talking about his abilities:

  • Sword of Procrastination : Deals moderate physical damage to an enemy (slightly less than the basic attack) and also delays their next turn. Ideal for reducing the actions of powerful/nuisance units.
    • From the beginning.
    • Active Skill.
    • 1pt
    • 1 range.
    • -2 and +2 altitude.
  • Refined Pursuit Attack : You deal more damage with attacks from behind, it also increases the accuracy of this type of attack.
    • Level 3.
    • Passive Skill.
  • Falcon Fall : Causes physical damage to an enemy (it seems to be in area but not), the good thing about the attack is its range (little, but it’s something for a melee unit) and its altitude range (which yes this very well).
    • Level 5.
    • Active Skill.
    • 2pt
    • 1-2 range.
    • -5 and +5 altitude.
  • Swift Counter : Without a doubt one of the best abilities that Seriona has. It gives us a chance when receiving melee hits to give a counterattack.
    • Level 7.
    • Passive Skill.
  • Rotating Cut : My favorite ability since it will allow us to damage all the enemies that we have stuck in an area.
    • Level 1st if you upgrade to Swordsman.
    • Active Skill.
    • 2pt
    • 1 range.
    • -2 and +2 altitude.
  • Powerful Camaraderie : Very good passive since it will increase our physical attack if we have an ally within 1 or 2 squares of Serinoa.
    • Level 15 if you upgrade to Swordsman.
    • Passive Skill.
  • Prepared Interception : We will protect the selected friendly unit and take the damage it would take (as long as we stay in range). This damage will be greatly reduced as well.
    • Level 2nd if you upgrade to Master Swordsman.
    • Active Skill.
    • 2pt
    • 1-2 range.
    • -2 and +2 altitude.


These are the weapon improvements that I recommend you upload in order of priority, remember that you can do this in the base blacksmith.

  • Tier 1 : Long Sword. They will ask us for Iron.
    • Weapon I Damage Increase.
    • HP Increase I.
    • Increases Physical Defense I.
  • Tier 2 : Silver Sword. Here we will need Quality Iron.
    • Weapon Damage Increase II.
    • Long Range Drop: Increases the range of Falcon Drop by 1.
    • HP Increase II.
  • Tier 3 : Libra Royal Sword. Exceptional Iron.
    • Weapon Damage Increase III.
    • Violent Regeneration: Passive that will heal us when we eliminate an enemy.

In Tier 3 we will also unlock a skill called Banner of Conviction, but I really don’t like it very much. Gives 1PT to all allies within 3 tiles; I know this is fine but its cost is 4 PT and that seems excessive to me.


Serinoa Wolffort is a bad frontline beast because he deals a lot of damage, has melee AoE, and his counter is very good, so he’s pretty prone to getting hit by other melee enemies.

Protect him well , yes; You see healing him (Yeela), put protections on him like Benedict’s to better resist damage (this is in case he is involved in a dangerous fight) and of course retreat in time if you see that things are getting too ugly.

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