April 15, 2024


Nate is the demon of bad taste and he is tasked with doing whatever Beelzebub asks of him. His mission now is to help the chef in the underworld make a really hellish meal and it’s anything but easy to find all the ingredients. To help him, he has a naked, little cherub named Nugget that he has chained to him so that he won’t fly away. The corpulent little cherub works both as a weapon and assistance when Nate has to jump over larger chasms, for example.

Photo: ©2022 - Sluggerfly - Hell Pie - Buying Nugget.
Photo: ©2022 – Sluggerfly

Hell Pie launches with a censored trailer proclaiming how obscene and crazy the game is and sure enough – the first thing we see of our avatar is sitting at his desk and it clearly looks like he’s doing something really dirty. But then, I still think that the game itself is quite tame.

Photo: ©2022 - Sluggerfly - Hell Pie - Run!
Photo: ©2022 – Sluggerfly

The graphics are nice and colorful. It’s well done animations and good voice acting, even if the game as a whole isn’t super advanced. I played it on the Xbox Series S and experienced no performance issues whatsoever, extremely short load times and smooth flow throughout.

Photo: ©2022 - Sluggerfly - Hell Pie - The restaurant
Photo: ©2022 – Sluggerfly

The best thing about Hell Pie is the game mechanics; the game creators have really succeeded in implementing a fun gaming experience. Our chained companion Nugget works partly as a weapon – as we can swing him around us and thus attack opponents, but what makes it extra fun is when we can use him to swing over larger chasms. It takes a little time to get the hang of it all, but then it’s fun as hell!

On the other hand, I sometimes felt that the camera didn’t really keep up with the turns and therefore I missed some jumps, which leads to some frustration of course.

Photo: ©2022 - Sluggerfly - Hell Pie - Upgrade.
Photo: ©2022 – Sluggerfly

During the course of the game, there are regular upgrades, so Nate and Nugget’s interaction becomes even better. You can also find new horns, which have different functions, and it really helps to have the right horn in the right situation.

In conclusion, Hell Pie may not be as “edgy” as the game creators want to make it seem, but it is still a very fun and entertaining platform game, which is clearly worth a recommendation.

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