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Today we will see how to defeat the Paralyzed Shadow – Thunder Form of Honkai Star Rail , it will be necessary to defeat this enemy to get the level up materials of some of the characters that have the Lightning Element as their Element, as is the case of Bailu and tingyun.

In this fight we will face a Shadow of the Guardian, who will be the main enemy of the battle and will have two Shadows of the Everwinter as minions at her side. The Shadow of the Guardian stands out for applying bans to us during combat, if a character inflicts any ban that the guardian establishes, she will receive a hit as punishment.

As for the other shadows that accompany her, it will be advisable to kill them as soon as possible, since they will delay the turns of those characters they hit. With that being said, let’s take a look at where the enemy is, his weaknesses, and the best characters to take on him.


To have access to the Paralyzed Shadow – Quantum Form or any other type of Paralyzed Shadow, we will have to have reached at least level 30 of Pathfinder and have promoted the world to equilibrium level 2 .

Paralyzed Shadow Location - Thunder Form on Honkai Star Rail

This Paralyzed Shadow is located on the planet Jarilo-VI, in the area of ​​the Passage of Extinguished Echoes and more specifically to the east of the Contaminated Plaza teleportation point.

To the south of the Passage of Quenched Echoes we will also have access to the battle against another of these bosses, the Paralyzed Shadow – Form of Frost.


These are all the attacks that the Shadow of the Guardian can perform:

  • Storm of Doom : Summons a lightning storm that performs multiple random attacks on the characters on our team, this attack has a chance to cause the Electrocution state to those characters that are hit by this attack.
  • Memory of Lightning : Summons lightning at a single ally’s location to deal Lightning Damage.
  • Lightning of Doom : An attack that deals a small amount of Lightning Damage to the target and characters adjacent to it.
  • Tranquil Ban : While the effects of this move of Shadow of the Guardian lasts, it will counterattack us every time we attack it.
  • Attack Ban : If we attack any enemy with a Basic Attack during this ban, we will take a hit of Lightning Damage; therefore, it is in our best interest to use the Basic Ability as much as possible against enemies while this ban lasts.
  • Skill Ban : This is the opposite of the previous one, it will prohibit us from using any type of Basic Skill (even those that do not deal damage) and it will hit us every time we use it; so it’s best to only use Basic Attacks during this ban.
  • Inevitable Punishment : A strike that inflicts Lightning Damage to any character in the party that fails to comply with any of his three bans (the one he has active, of course).

And this is the only attack that the Shadows of the Everwinter can perform:

  • Frozen Strike : The enemy strikes a single ally with his icy halberd to deal Cold Damage and delay his target’s action.


The Shadow of the Guardian has a weakness to the following elements :

  • Physical.
  • Wind.
  • Quantum.

While the Shadows of Everwinter are vulnerable to these elements:

  • Physical.
  • Fire.
  • Quantum.
Seele on Honkai Star Rail

These are the characters that we recommend the most according to their routes :

  • 1 Hunt : To deal a lot of damage to the boss.
    • Seele : As the enemy is weak to Quantum Element, we can cover this weakness by putting Seele as our team’s Hunt. In addition, every time Seele manages to break the Shadow of the Guardian she will be able to delay the enemy’s turn.
    • Dan Heng : In case of not having Seele, we can also use Dan Heng, since the enemy is also weak against the Wind Element and it is a character that we all have.
  • 1 Nihility : To sabotage enemies’ stats or apply debuffs to them.
    • Pela : Mainly it will help us to lower the DEF of all the enemies in this combat, but it can also remove buffs with its Basic Ability.
    • Sampo : He is a character who specializes in dealing Wind Damage over time, which will be great for us to defeat the Shadow of the Guardian and to help lower his stamina bar, since he has a weakness for this element.
  • 1 Harmony : To apply bonuses to teammates’ stats.
    • Asta : It will increase the ATK of the entire group based on the energy charges that it accumulates when hitting the enemies and its Ultimate Ability will increase the SPD of the entire group, which will help us to counteract the delay in the actions that it gives us. can cause the Shadows of Everwinter.
    • Bronya : Increases the Attack and Critical Damage of the entire group and is also capable of eliminating the negative effects that afflict our teammates. In addition, as it belongs to the Wind Element, it will also be useful to lower the enemy’s strength bar.
    • Tingyun : In addition to increasing the ATK of allies, with his Ultimate Ability he is capable of restoring 50 energy points to an ally to serve as a battery.
  • 1 Abundance/Conservation : To survive the battle.
    • Bailu : It will provide us with many cures and these will be key if we violate the guardian’s prohibitions, because we will eat many blows. If a character also dies in battle, you can resurrect him.
    • Natasha : Another of the characters that can occupy the position of healer ; she provides individual heals that last several turns with her Basic Ability and with her Ultimate Ability she can heal the entire party.
    • Gepard : His ult provides a shield for the entire party and if Gepard falls in battle, he can resurrect himself once per fight.

Equipment Suggestions :

  • Seele, Pela, Asta and Natasha.
  • Dan Heng, Sampo, Tingyun and Natasha
  • Seele, Sampo, Asta and Bailu.
  • Dan Heng, Pela, Bronya and Gepard.


These are the possible rewards for defeating Paralyzed Shadow – Thunder Form:

  • 150 EXP Pathfinder.
  • credits.
  • Shadow of the Past Lightning Crown : Ascension Material for Lightning-type characters like Bailu and Tingyun.

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