April 21, 2024
Neverwinter - Beginner's Guide

Neverwinter – Beginner’s Guide

It’s been a long time since I’ve played Neverwinter, but a guide in Word has been provided to me and, despite its a bit too “promotional” aspect, I thought you might find it useful nonetheless. So, let’s get down to business! For those unaware, Neverwinter is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG released in 2013, based on the Dungeons & Dragons paper role- playing game . The game takes place in the city of Neverwinter, one of the most iconic locations in the Forgotten Realms campaign, as it rises from the ashes of its destruction. The areas of the game will speak to fans of the license: the disturbing streets of Barovia, the magical forests of Sharandar, the underground maze of Outland…

character creation

You will be able to choose from 16 distinct races with the usual humans, elves and dwarves, supplemented by races unique to the game, such as the dragonborn and the gith, mysterious psionic pirates.

Neverwinter offers eight base classes:

  • Barbarian, Warrior and Paladin: tanks, always on the front line, and capable of taking a large amount of damage.
  • Thief and Ranger: physical DPS.
  • Magician, Sorcerer and Priest: spellcasters (offensive for the first two, curative for the last).

Character rise

The first ten hours of play are occupied by the main plot, then begin the high-level challenges to improve your equipment: Skirmishes, Trials (raids), and Dungeons (the most difficult content in the game). Many dungeons are already present and waiting for players, but each new expansion is accompanied by a new dungeon, such as the Tomb of the Stars, unlocked at the release of Neverwinter: Sharandar. 

There are also recurring events, each granting specific gear to collect.

Getting Started Tips

  • Know the Location of Non-Player Characters (NPCs) : NPCs are an integral part of your adventures, whether it’s starting or continuing storylines. At the top of the list is Sergeant Knox, located on the dais in the middle part of Protector’s Enclave.
  • Explore Protector’s Enclave : As your starting city, Protector’s Enclave has a lot to offer curious adventurers. Whether it’s to rest or restock, take the time to familiarize yourself with the place!
  • Explore Special and Seasonal Events : Whether it’s the Siege of Neverwinter or the terrifying season of the Masquerade, various NPCs will take their places on the large Event Platform at the bottom of Protector’s Enclave. These NPCs will offer the introductory quests for these special events.
  • Visit Last Chance Vendors : Often, events offer a “Last Chance Vendor”, a merchant NPC who remains present for a week after an event ends, so that adventurers can complete their event tasks in progress or spend their remaining event currency.
  • Set Your Teleport Location : Teleport Stones are scattered throughout Adventure Zones, including Protector’s Enclave. Interact with these stones to set your teleport “base”!
  • Search Encyclopedia pages : you will find Encyclopedia fragments during your travels! Be sure to collect the Glittering Grimoires to enrich your Encyclopedia and become a Loremaster of the Forgotten Realms.
  • Relaxing in the Garden : The Protector’s Garden is a great place to rest, stock up, and take care of trades, summons, and other tasks. The Garden is open to everyone during the Protector’s Jubilee, but a special key is required to access it after the event closes.
  • Manage Overflow Pockets : If your inventory bags are overflowing, the extra items you get will be placed in an overflow slot. Unfortunately, this overflow can quickly become cumbersome and limit some of your in-game actions; so be sure to take the time to empty your bags. Remember that you can also bank items for long-term storage!
  • Know where to find ceremonial items : Got your hands on some new ceremonial items to dazzle the congregation? You’ll find them in the Pets and Vestments tab of your inventory and can add them to your Wardrobe.
  • Gear up and prepare for battle : Find out how gear and stats can impact your ability to take on enemies!

Did you know ?

  • Neverwinter was the first MMORPG on Xbox One and one of the first on PS4.
  • Neverwinter was inspired by the Forgotten Realms of Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition, adapted into an action MMORPG. Over time, many visual and narrative elements from 5th Edition have been incorporated into Neverwinter.
  • Several celebrities from the Dungeons & Dragons sphere have collaborated with us on Neverwinter: RA Salvatore (author of the Drizzt Do’Urden novels), Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik (creators of the webcomic Penny Arcade), as well as Satine Phoenix and Ruty Rutenberg (creators content and voice actors for D&D).
  • RA Salvatore wrote an entire questline for Neverwinter: The Dwarven King arc.
  • Neverwinter is the 4th MMORPG from Cryptic Studios, following City of Heroes, Champions Online and Star Trek Online.
  • The toughest dungeon in Neverwinter is Lostmauth’s Lair.
  • Humans are the most popular race on Neverwinter.
  • The three most popular classes are the Barbarian, Ranger, and Rogue.

Episode 1: Tooth of Iron, the first of three episodes of Sharandar, the new three-episode expansion for Neverwinter, is available on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store and Arc) since February 16, and will be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 16. On the program: the new activity center of New Sharandar, the adventure zone of the Ruins of Malabog, the high level dungeon: The Tomb of the Stars, as well as enemies and epic rewards. The next episode, Episode 2: Guardian of Souls, will be released on PC in April and on console in May.

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