April 16, 2024


The first World Boss that we will find in the desert of the Sumeru region in Genshin Impact is the Semi-Incessant Navigator Observation Matrix Algorithm and today we will see how to defeat it.

This World Boss is a machine that, despite being ancient, has highly developed technology: it is capable of becoming invisible and during combat it will fragment its structure, scattering its components on the battlefield. In order to defeat this boss we will have to destroy its components or cancel its invisibility through certain Elemental Reactions .

In this case we will not need to complete any specific mission to unlock access to this boss, we just have to reach the Sumeru desert and enter the Dune of Evasion to start our fight against the Sumi Algorithm-Incessant Navigator Observation Matrix .


As soon as we start the fight, the Matrix will always execute an area attack that generates a fairly high damage and after a short time it will begin to break down its structure into several components, its core will become invisible and it will gain a lot of resistance to any type of damage.

After this we have two options: we can destroy its components and then attack it with the Electro Element or affect its core with an Acceleration, Propagation or Intensification Elemental Reaction. By doing this the Matrix will be vulnerable for a while and this will be the time to attack it with everything we have.

Finally, it will recompose itself and make one of its own attacks at random, after this its core will be put back in invisible mode, it will scatter its components on the battlefield and the whole cycle will be repeated until we defeat it.

Yae Miko in Genshin Impact

The main thing to defeat this World Boss as soon as possible is to have at least one Electro Element character on your team, I would especially like to highlight Yae Miko , Fischl and Kuki Shinobu who generate numerous attacks from said element passively.

If we also take a Dendro Element character we can still speed up the process even more, since as we mentioned before if we hit the core with an Acceleration, Intensification or Propagation Elemental Reaction we can remove its invisibility without having to break its components, for this reason we It could come in handy to have Traveler Dendro or Collei on our team.

There are attacks from this boss that are very powerful but are also very easy to dodge, even so just in case you can choose to take a squire like Zhongli , Thoma , Diona or Noelle or a Healer like Kokomi , Dori , Jean or Bennett .


These are all the attacks that the Semi-Relentless Array Navigator Observation Algorithm can perform:

  • Ceaseless Photon : Combat will always start with this attack; the Algorithm will create a hexagon in which it will shoot several lasers that will bounce constantly, doing quite a lot of damage, to dodge this attack we only have to pay attention to the moment in which the hexagon is drawn on the surface of the battlefield and move away from she.
  • Division – Blades : The Matrix will detach from its components to create two rotating blades that will chase us around the field, we can block them with a shield, evade them (they don’t chase us all the time) or destroy them if they get in our way too much.
  • Division – Photovoltaic Cannons : It will continue to detach from its components to generate two photovoltaic cannons that will shoot at us from time to time; the same story as with the blades.
  • Division – Electric Nuclei : This time the Matrix will form two nuclei on the battlefield that will generate a current of energy that will hurt us when making contact with it.
  • Cloak of Invisibility : By shedding several of its components, the Matrix will become invisible for a certain time and will increase its resistance to damage considerably, we can nullify this invisibility if we generate an Elemental Reaction of Acceleration, Propagation or Intensification or by attacking its core with the Electro Element after destroying its components.
  • Critical Failure : If we take too long to remove the Matrix’s invisibility state, it will generate a high-frequency wave that will deal extremely high damage and after that it will remain vulnerable.
  • Dynamic Cannon : For a moment we can see how the enemy synthesizes a new component near its core to attack us with a powerful beam.
  • Purging Stake : The matrix will target us and create a hexagon below our character to throw a stake at us that will hit us, we just have to get out of the area to dodge it.
  • Firewall : It is one of his less common movements, from time to time he will throw us a kind of barrier that will make us go back.

It is an enemy that will attack us very rarely by itself, since it will always be throwing its components around the field instead of attacking us by itself (its own attacks are usually executed at the beginning of the combat and after recovering from an overload) .


  • System Crash : Defeat the Navigator Observation Matrix Semi-Relentless Algorithm while it is in overload state; for this we will have to eliminate its invisibility in one of the ways already mentioned so that it enters this state.
  • Daisy, Daisy : Hit the core of the Navigator Observation Matrix Semi-Relentless Algorithm with an Accelerate, Intensify, or Spread reaction and remove its invisibility.
  • Accelerate Me Slowly, I’m in a Hurry : Witness the over-acceleration impact of the Semi-Incessant Navigator Observation Matrix Algorithm, for this it is best to put on a shield and wait for it to execute this attack (and above all not attack it with Electro).


These are the possible rewards for defeating the Navigator Observation Matrix Semi-Relentless Algorithm:

  • 200 points of Adventure Rank, Mora, Friendship Points… Wow, as usual.
  • Agnidus Agate : They are Pyro character ascension materials.
  • Turquoise Vayuda : They are Anemo character ascension materials.
  • Guialuz tetrahedron : Candace ‘s ascension material .
  • Blue/Purple Artifacts : Berserker, Instructor, Ritual of Enlightenment, and Adventurer.
  • Purple/Legendary Artifacts : Gladiator’s End and Wanderer’s Orchestra .

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