April 21, 2024


Kilowattrel is a very interesting Pokémon in terms of competitive since it has several things to highlight, although it is also true that it has its cons (well, as is the case with almost all of them, but the new 9th gen are surprising us a lot) .

It is a very Glass Canon Pokémon (you know, powerful and fast but it falls quickly), but what stands out the most about it is that it is an ideal Pokémon to put the Tailwind, an ability that for 4 turns will make our Pokémon have double the Speed ​​(which is very key). Because it lacks it, it lacks coverage moves to shine more, but the truth is that despite that it seems to us to be a very good Pokémon.


    Its statistics add up to a total of 500 points , which is the fair minimum of stats that we usually recommend in a Pokémon, so good. Now his cast:

    • Health: 70.
    • Attack: 70.
    • Defense: 60.
    • Special Attack: 105.
    • Special Defense: 60.
    • Speed: 125.

    Offensively it is phenomenal because it has incredible Speed ​​(although it doesn’t surpass the all-powerful Dragapult ) accompanied by a Special Attack that is also very good.

    Defensively the opposite happens, it is terrible. So we are facing the typical “Glass Canon”, that is, a Pokémon that is very good at doing damage but that knocks it down in zero comma; so we will have to be especially careful with him.


    Kilowattrel is a Flying Electric-type  just like Zapdos , which gives it the following weaknesses and resistances:

    • Is immune to ground, paralysis, and field effects.
    • It is resistant to Bug, Flying, Fighting, Steel, and Grass.
    • It is weak to Ice and Rock.

    It is without a doubt one of the best Type combinations because defensively we resist many types (not to mention the immunities, that’s great) and on top of that we only have 2 weaknesses (which is nothing). What must be mentioned is that there are 2 dangerous weaknesses:

    • Rock : Problematic especially in singles due to Rock Trap and Pokémon like Tyranitar  or Coalossal .
    • Ice : A weakness to always fear because the Ice-Type is used a lot for coverage and the Water (super common) will almost always carry a move of this type (although at least we can hit these very hard with Kilowattrel). Pokemon like Weavile or Darmanitan Galar would be examples of Pokemon to fear.


    Wind Power is a skill that only the Kilowattrel evolutionary line possesses and the truth is that it is a very interesting skill. When we get hit with a Flying attack or activate Tailwind , our Electric-Type attacks will be boosted.


    Now let’s see his other abilities (the non-exclusive ones):


    It immunizes us to Electric and if we are hit with this element it will increase our Electric damage by 50%. The ability is quite good to take it out when they are going to attack us with an Electric attack, the problem is that we do not have any movement to hit an Electric Pokémon hard in response and therefore we do not recommend it for Kilowattrel.


    This is very interesting for both Singles and Doubles or VGC and it will be the one we will use. Increases our Special Attack by 2 levels if our statistics are reduced (for each reduction it will activate once). This does not activate if you reduce them yourself.


    The Iv’s perfect as almost always. Let’s see the EV’s and Nature:

    • EV’s : 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Defense.
    • Nature : Modest (+Special Attack, –Attack) or Fearful (+Speed, -Attack).


    These are the items we recommend for Kilowattrel:

    • Choice Scarf : Increases our Speed ​​by 50%, but when using a movement we will be forced to continue using it until we return it to the Poké Ball.
    • Choice Glasses : Like the Handkerchief but increasing our special damage by 50%. More interesting in general terms than the Scarf since we are already quite good at Speed.
    • Thick Boots : Especially in Singles due to the presence of Rock Trap that would diminish us too much and we are not exactly resistant.
    • Vidasfera : Increases our damage by 30%, but we will lose 10% of our health when making an offensive attack. Not highly recommended due to our low resistance, but an option in the end.


    The movements that I recommend the most for Kilowattrel:

    • Tailwind : When using it we will double the Speed ​​of our entire team for 4 turns.
    • Lightning : STAB Electric, Special, 90 power, 100% accuracy and a 10% chance to paralyze our enemies when hitting them. Our most reliable electric STAB. Electric is very effective against Flying and Water for Pokemon like Talonflame or Quaquaval .
    • Volt Ball : Electric STAB, Special and 100% accuracy. It will have more or less power depending on how much we exceed the target in speed:
      • Less speed than the rival: 40
      • Between 1 and 2 times the speed: 60
      • Between 2 and 3 times the speed: 80
      • Between 3 and 4 times the speed: 120
      • Equal to or more than 4 times the speed: 160
    • Voltichange : Electric STAB, Special, 70 power, 100% precision and when using it our Pokémon will return to its Poké Ball. Great for attacking and switching, great on fast Pokemon like this.
    • Air Slash: Flying STAB, Special, 75 power, 95% accuracy, and a 30% chance to fear the target. Quite key since we will generally be the fastest and therefore we will be able to push back the enemies. Remember that Flying is very effective against Fighting, Grass and Bug. Ideal for Pokémon such as Annihilape or Meowscarada .
    • Gale : STAB Flying, Special, 110 power, 70% accuracy, and a 30% chance to confuse the target. Very powerful, but that precision can play very tricks.
    • Respite : We restore 50% of our Pokémon’s maximum health and we also lose the Flying type that turn, so we would lose immunity to Ground and we would have weakness, so be careful with that (although I doubt that someone would mark such a predict tremendous).
    • Protection : It has priority +3 (which you hit before even being slower unless the other attack has the same priority or higher) and you will protect yourself from all the damage you receive that turn. You should never use it 2 times in a row as it usually fails then. Always very useful in doubles.


    We show you the strategies we have created for him:


    • IVs: Perfect.
    • EVs: 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Special Defense.
    • Nature: Fearful (+Speed, -Attack)
    • Item: Thick Boots / Focus Band
    • Ability: Tenacity / Absorb Electricity
    • Movements:
      • Tailwind
      • Ball Volt / Lightning
      • air pit
      • voltchange

    We will have a fantastic speed and since the idea is to use Tailwind the first turn , and with that we are practically guaranteed to be the fastest (and surely our teammates when entering will be too unless you have one that is quite slow). If our statistics drop, we will boost ourselves and at that moment we will be very fast and lethal.

    Volt Ball with Tailwind will deal a lot of damage, Lightning is the most stable option since it will not matter the speed of the opposing Pokémon. VoltSwitch being so fast and hitting so hard on the special side is a brutal move to hit first and get back into the Poké Ball. Air Slash the same, with how fast we are, it will go a long way due to the good probability of making the target go back.

    It’s a very good Pokémon to be the first to bring out to the battlefield to quickly set up Tailwind and the huge Speed ​​boost that will bring to your team.

    Regarding objects; Thick Boots is the most recommended in singles due to the high presence of Trappa Roca (and since the idea is to keep changing it because they will destroy us) and Band Focus for Doubles or VGC, to make sure that we can put Tailwind (which in this format has a lot of barbarity).


    • Electrical Teracrystallization .

    The Electric Teracrystallization will allow us to hit with double STAB through our Electric attacks to deal very good damage.

    • Teracrystallization Water . Terablast

    Very interesting especially in Doubles/VGC since Water is a very good type to be able to counteract possible Rock or Ice attacks that are thrown at us and have a Water coverage with Terablast, which will be great for us.


    And now the best thing you can do if you want to defeat him:

    • Trick Space : Without Speed, Kilowattrel is a nobody. Also in Trick Room, Tailwind is a debuff. Be careful with the typical Pokémon that usually enter the Trick Room such as Dusclops, Mimikyu or Hatterene .
    • Pranksters with Mofa : A clear example of this would be Grimmsnarl , they will prevent us from using Tailwind.
    • Faster : Faster Pokémon that can hit it hard before it sets Tailwind like Barraskewda , Chien-Pao or Weavile (which share Speed).
    • Tanks : Given their low offensive coverage, many tanky Pokémon will have it very easy. See Pokémon like Skeledirge , Ferrothorn , or Tyranitar .

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