April 15, 2024


The Black Sword is a 4-star weapon from the Genshin Impact Battle Pass. Although it is true that I consider it to be a very good weapon, it is also true that I do not recommend it unless you have the characters that I will mention below. in the post.

This is what happens to many weapons, which are too niche and therefore often have little use; In this case, the problem with the weapon is that it is aimed at Main DPS that use Light Swords and this, at least today, is not something that we have left over in Genshin Impact (at least in the 4 stars). Does that mean the gun is bad? Not at all, in fact it’s very good, it just doesn’t shine as much today because we need more characters who can take advantage of it.

But the case, let’s go with the analysis.


Let’s start by looking at its attributes:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 42.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 510.

His Base Attack is medium on the low side, not what the Black Sword excels at. It is at the level of other swords such as the Flute, the Lion’s Roar or the Iron Thorn . The good thing about this is that this means that we will get a higher stat at the next point.

  • Critical Chance Level 1: 6%.
  • Critical Chance Level 90: 27.6%.

As we always say, the critical stats at the end are the most appreciated in a weapon, with some exceptions, and therefore it is very good in that sense. 27.6% is a good amount of critical chance and as you know it will help us to better balance the Critical Chance and Critical Damage of our character, which in the end is the most important thing in order to deal good damage in most cases.

His passive ability gives us the following effects:

  • Increases damage of normal and charged attacks by 20% (40% on R5).
  • Every 5 seconds, when making a critical hit, the character will be healed in a healing equal to 60% of his attack (if he has 2k attack then a healing of 1200). In R5 the healing is 100% of the attack.

The damage bonus for normal and charged attacks is very good, especially if we refine it, although in R1 it is still good. The truth is that healing as an extra is not bad at all to help our main DPS with healing, which in the end is the one that usually receives more damage for being in the field longer.

The truth is that seeing everything that it brings us in conjunction, it is a tremendous Light Sword; but taking into account that it is a PB weapon and we have other very powerful weapons such as the Dueling Spear (which you throw is never too much) or the Sea Serpent Marrow  (for me the best in PB), well I wouldn’t take it unless you have one of the characters listed below and you are interested in them.


Kamisato Ayato in Genshin Impact

Ayato is the best option for the weapon since he is a character that fulfills the role of Main DPS or Sub DPS well and in both cases his kit is mainly based on normal attacks since his Elemental Ability does very good damage and with it we will spam many fairly powerful normal attacks, fast and with good range; so she gets a lot of use out of that bonus on Normal Attacks. The fact that it allows him to heal himself will allow us to be able to go in a team without a healer because in the end it is the main DPS who receives almost all the damage and he himself will be able to heal himself, although in any case I would recommend that you take him with a character that apply shields like Diona or Zhongli so we don’t get interrupted and mitigate some damage, which you never know.

Keching in Genshin Impact

Keching also takes advantage of it out of fear, the problem is what we always say about Keching, that the poor thing doesn’t do too much damage unless you have it really cheetah, but anyway, the weapon comes in handy. Keching’s charged ones hit a lot and also when doing them we will also do a Normal Attack, so we would be empowering both attacks at once. The extra healing also comes from fear because at least in my experience I don’t know what Keching has that usually lowers his life a lot.

Kamisato Ayaka in Genshin Impact

Ayaka is another character who can take advantage of her well since she is one of Cryo’s best Main DPS and she does a lot of damage with her normal and charged attacks, although it is true that in the end she hits more with the Ulti and in that sense the Black Sword lose a little; In addition to this… since he usually equips himself with a Winter Nomad , a weapon that goes to Critical Damage would be better for him so as not to exceed the critical chance or even one that helps him recharge more energy like the Twin Amenoma since Ayaka has enough problems generating power.

Can I put it on another character?

  • Kaeya : In the typical composition of Kaeya Carry (main DPS) with Chongyun , it will be great for him.

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