April 21, 2024


” Wow! Time to walk! » is a 4-star Cone of Light from Honkai Star Rail for Destruction characters that is not bad as such, but it is true that few characters on the track can make good use of it and even with those, they usually count with better options.

This is mainly due to the fact that from the outset it is a Cone of Light that we will generally want to equip on characters with a Physical or Fire element since its passive will enhance the damage we do to enemies who have the negative states of “Bleeding” and ” Burn”.

It is not such a complicated condition to meet, but it is true that there are many other Cones of Light with much simpler conditions and that also do not require equipping it with specific elements to get the most out of them, which is why it seems to me that this Cone of Light It is less useful. Los Moles de la Bienvenida would be a great example and is also 4 stars.

The Moles Welcome You to Honkai Star Rail

The Moles welcome you

+12% ATK when attacking using Basic ATK, Basic Skill, or Ultimate Skill; each of these 3 provides the bonus independently.


Let’s start by looking at its basic attributes, keep in mind that we will give you the data that it has at level 80 (the maximum):

  • HP : 953.
  • ATK : 476.
  • DEF : 331.

Next, we will see the benefits that the passive of this Cone of Light brings us:

  • S1 : +10% ATK and +16% Damage against enemies affected by Burn or Bleed.
  • S5 : +20% ATK and +32% Damage against enemies affected by Burn or Bleed.

To begin with, we will obtain a little ATK%, a statistic that all Path of Destruction characters generally take very good advantage of, except for some exceptions such as Blade , who obtains more damage based on HP.

The next part of the passive is the one that I don’t really like as much since at the outset it quite limits the character options that can use this Cone of Light. By power, we can equip it to any character, but it would be best to equip it to those whose element matches the negative states that the passive tells us about. Bleeding is applied by Physical element characters and burning by Fire element characters.

Since the characters who usually apply this type of states without the need to break the enemy’s weakness and in a very effective way are usually those of Nihility, the truth is that we will depend on whether or not to break the enemies’ weaknesses with element Physical or Fire (which implies that yes or yes they have to be weak to these elements) and that is something that really puts me off. You could equip it to any character that goes with characters that apply burns very often, such as Guinaifen , but these types of characters are usually used in other types of team compositions (Damage Over Time ones).


The ideal is to equip it to a Destruction character who applies Burn or Bleed often (there are not many) or at least, to characters who are of the Fire or Physical element to at least be able to apply those Damage Over Time effects through Rupture of Weakness.

Hook on Honkai Star Rail

Hook is undoubtedly one of the characters who takes advantage of this Cone of Light the most since she can cause burns through her skill kit, so in her case it will be quite easy to take advantage of all the effects of the Cone. In addition, she is very interested in attacking burned enemies since doing so gives her power-ups.

Of course, she has better options (in her case mainly a 5-star Cone) as is the case with all the notable characters on the list, but since few characters take advantage of it like she does, if you have to choose between giving her a more recommended Cone to her or another Destruction character, I would definitely equip it to her since most other characters get almost no use out of this Cone.

Clara in Honkai Star Rail

Clara is another character who can use it quite well, although not to the same level as Hook. She does not apply Bleeding through her skills, but what is true is that since she tends to attack many times thanks to her counterattack mechanics, it will be quite common for her to break the enemies’ weakness and therefore be able to take advantage of her passive. Wow! Time to walk! As long as you’re facing enemies weak to Physical, I don’t see why you would take Clara into combat against enemies who aren’t weak to this element.

Regarding which other characters can take advantage of it… what I have told you. You can really equip it to any Path of Destruction character who is going to go with a character who applies a lot of Burns or Bleeds, although of course, it would not be the most ideal and in the end I would stick to equipping it to the characters who we mentioned above (and not even that, because these usually have better options, but if you don’t have anything else, it works).

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