April 21, 2024


Today we bring you an analysis of another 5-star Cone of Light from Honkai Star Rail , it is ” Before Dawn “. This cone is designed for characters belonging to the Path of Erudite and focuses on improving both the damage of the character’s abilities and the damage of additional attacks.

Although we can see Jing Yuan in the photo of this Cone of Light, he really has a passive ability that focuses on increasing the damage of Basic Ability and Ultimate Ability, deals some Critical Damage and can get an effect that can improve the damage of the next additional attack made by its bearer.

So as you can see, it is a Cone of Light that is not restrictive at all and can come in handy for many characters within the Path of Erudite. Obviously, there will be characters who can take advantage of it better than others, but in general it is quite adaptable and that is something that makes it really worth pulling for.


Let’s start looking at its basic attributes, keep in mind that we will give you the data it has at level 80 (the maximum):

  • HP : 1058.
  • ATK : 582
  • DEF : 463

Next, we will see the benefits that the passive of this Cone of Light brings us in his S1:

  • +36% CRIT Damage and +18% damage increase to both Basic Ability and Ultimate Ability. When the owner of this Cone of Light executes his Basic Ability or his Ultimate Ability he will get the « Somnus Corpus » effect, this effect will increase the damage of the next additional attack of the bearer of this Cone by 48%.

It’s definitely a very interesting Cone of Light for pretty much any character that belongs to the Erudite Path . On the one hand we have a +36% Critical Damage that will come in handy to increase the damage of the critical hits dealt by the bearer of the cone. Another of the effects that it gives us is a damage improvement of 18% for the Basic Ability and for the Ultimate Ability of its bearer, so all its effects are very oriented to increase the damage of the character to which we equip it.

Finally, every time we use the Basic Ability or the Ultimate Ability, we will increase the damage of the character’s next additional attack by 48%. This last bonus is very easy to achieve, but it will be more significant in characters that make additional powerful attacks and frequently.


As we mentioned before, it is a pretty good Cone of Light and can be adapted to many characters, but the ones that will get the most out of this cone will be those characters that do a lot of damage with their additional attacks:

Jing Yuan on Honkai Star Rail

Actually, the Critical Damage and the damage increase of the Basic Ability and the Ultimate Ability is something that any character of the Erudite Path can take advantage of in a greater or lesser proportion according to the damage numbers of their respective abilities.

The reason why Jing Yuan gets more out of this Cone of Light than any other character in this lane is because the Gold Knight who is responsible for his additional attacks can hit up to ten times maximum in the same additional attack, receiving thus 48% bonus damage on all his attacks .

In addition, we will always know when the Golden Knight is going to generate his attack, since in the turns he will come out as if he were another character on our team, so it will be enough for us to execute the Basic Ability or the Ultimate Ability before his turn comes. to this invocation.

The only downside to Jing Yuan for this Cone of Light is that her ult is quite expensive and has an energy cost of 130 points, so it will take a lot of work to recharge it and we won’t be able to use it as often to activate the passive effect that improves energy. damage from bonus attacks (can still be triggered with Basic Ability as well) and we won’t get as much out of the ult’s damage boost.

Herta on Honkai Star Rail

Herta is undoubtedly the queen of additional attacks, since every time a character hits an enemy whose HP is at 50% or less, the “kuru kuru” will take the opportunity to hit all the enemies with her hammer every time she hits. this happens (only 1 time per enemy, yes).

He certainly isn’t a very high damage character, but he will improve his overall damage quite a bit with the Critical Damage and ability damage benefits that this Cone of Light can bring him. And that being said, being a character that does her bonus attacks so many times and has an ult that recharges pretty easily, she’s going to be a pretty good candidate for Before Dawn.

Other characters that can take advantage of this Cone of Light:

  • Himeko : The most interesting thing for Himeko about this Cone of Light is the increase in damage for the Ultimate Ability, which is her main source of damage, but the bad part is that she is one of the characters that can perform fewer additional attacks and we would waste a little bit of energy. issue of increasing the damage of this type of attack.
  • Serval : His Ultimate has good damage and he can cast it quite often, so the bonus damage from the skills and the Critical Damage may interest him, the downside is that Serval’s electrocutions are not considered additional attacks and therefore therefore they do not get the damage bonus that this cone provides to said types of attacks.

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