April 16, 2024
How to unlock the 3 exploration dungeons of the Scarlet Desert of Sumeru?

How to unlock the 3 exploration dungeons of the Scarlet Desert of Sumeru? in Genshin Impact

With the 3.1 update, the desert becomes accessible and with it three new dungeons.

We will see in this guide how to unlock them.

1- Scarlet Sands Threshold

This dungeon is located at the bottom of a chasm on the road to Abdju. In order to unlock access and the appearance of the chasm, you will need to start the quest: The Golden Sleep: Lost in the Sands .

2- Altar of mirages

In order to access it you will need to have done the quest “ The Golden Sleep: Introduction to Indoor Archaeology ”.

The quest will unlock the teleporter to the left of Khemenu Temple for you.

Go to this teleporter then move into the room opposite and open the door on the right with the authorization stele.

Then open the door in front of you and jump into the hole on the ground to arrive in front of the dungeon.

3- Garden of Infinite Pillars

In order to unlock this 3rd dungeon you will need to complete the puzzle of the elemental steles all around the place.

You will need to activate the Pyro steles in the order corresponding to the number of flaming flowers near the pillar. You will have to start from scratch and find the way through the invisible walls to reach the stele of your choice.

Final word

Good luck with your exploration, and be sure to check out our other 3.1 update articles.

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