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Eternal Protector of Arcane Wisdom, Mechanical God or the Prodigal are several of the names by which Scaramouche’s weekly boss is known in Genshin Impact .

The fight against the Mechanical God consists of two phases and in both of them we will have to focus on doing the combat mechanics well, since Scaramouche Boss has a very high level of damage with which he can easily break any shield (so against this boss it’s not worth going crazy doing a lot of DPS).

We will find this boss in the Domain called Joururi Workshop , which we can unlock after finishing the Archon mission “Pulse of Akasha, Burning Fire” and at the end of it we can find this Domain in the Chinvat Gorge (just to the right of the City of Sumeru).


    In its first combat phase, the Mechanical God will be anchored to the battlefield and we will find several elemental matrices that will give us benefits in battle when activated with the Akasha neo -switch (this contraption is the strange elephant that accompanies us in the fight, when collecting enough energy shards from Scaramouche’s attacks will allow us to activate one of these arrays by pressing the T key).

    The effects of elemental arrays are as follows:

    • Pyro : Removes frost from the ground.
    • Cryo : Removes fire from the ground.
    • Anemo : Creates an ascending wind current that will allow us to evade certain attacks from the Mechanical God.
    • Hydro : Provides us with a certain amount of healing.
    • Electro : Immobilizes the Clockwork God for a moment, there are two Electro arrays and if we activate the remaining one while it is still immobile, Scaramouche will go into overload mode and become paralyzed.

    Once we finish with Scaramuccia’s first life bar, we will move on to the second part of his combat in which the enemy will move freely over a much larger battlefield and at great speed (note: in the second phase the particles of energy will have a symbol of four petals that will help us move quickly around the field to avoid their attacks).

    In this phase, rather than damaging him, we have to focus on dodging his attacks, collecting all the energy fragments that he releases with his attacks to release the energy of the Akasha neoswitch that will take almost half of his shield (to do this, just press the T and then our Elemental Ability will be replaced by this hit, we just have to press E and aim at the enemy). In addition, throughout this entire fight, this contraption will constantly shoot the Mechanical God automatically and will also lower its bar a bit.

    When we break his shield, he will summon a nirvana machine and start charging his most powerful attack called Fleeting Obliteration; Our task will be to break this machine as quickly as possible and charge the Akasha switch to release its energy and make this attack fail, if we fail to do this, the Fleeting Obliteration will kill our character in use.

    If, on the other hand, we have managed to stop it in time, it will be time to approach Scaramouche using the four-petal symbol and hit him with all our ults and everything we have; if you are not able to kill him in time he will use his attacks again but he will no longer have his shield nor will he use Fleeting Obliteration again.

    Zhongli in Genshin Impact

    On this occasion we can really take almost any DPS ( Ganyu , Ayaka , Arataki Itto , Diluc , Noelle or Tignari for example), the important thing is who we should not take. It is not recommended to carry a Main DPS of Electro (so characters like Cyno , Keching or Shogun Raiden discarded), since the Mechanical God has a great resistance against the Electro Element and I also do not recommend taking very fragile DPS like Yanfei  or Ninguang because a poorly done mechanics can sometimes end in death by a blow.

    It will be very useful to have a good squire to mitigate the damage a bit and cover us if we fail any mechanic, so it will be very useful to have characters like Zhongli , Thoma and Laila in our team.

    It will also be highly recommended to have a Healer in our team, this time I could highlight Bárbara C6 who can resurrect a character if they defeat us, other good options are Jean , Bennett and Qiqi . Characters like Diona or Sayu would not recommend them because we can hardly stay in the healing area due to the large areas and speed of attack of this boss.

    And as for Support DPS to provide passive damage, I recommend characters whose ultimates accompany us and recharge easily such as Xiangling , Xingchiu or Yelan , since the battlefield in the second phase is very large and it will cost us to keep the enemy in a certain area.


    These are all the attacks that the Clockwork God can perform in the first phase of his battle:

    • Brilliant Turret : It will be the first attack that we make when entering the battlefield; The Clockwork God will fire a large number of missiles combing the field from the edges to the front to finally create two prisms that will chase us to collide with us and deal heavy Electro Damage.
    • Galvanic Collision : As soon as you see the Mechanical God concentrate an electrical orb in his hands, run to the anemo matrix to create a current that allows us to evade the battlefield that will be completely imbued with the Electro element to inflict constant damage.
    • Icy/Flaming Cloak : Scaramuccia will place his palm at one end of the battlefield and imbue 3/4 of it with the Pyro or Cryo element, we can just go to one end and later nullify it with the opposing element’s elemental matrix to which it has been used or while doing this use the Electro element array to cancel its attack.
    • Elemental Oppression : After using the Frozen or Flaming Mantle, he will try to crush us with the palm of his hand at the opposite end of the field, which will be imbued with the opposite element to the one used in the mantle (it is dodged in the same way that we have mentioned in the previous attack).
    • Aquatic Whirlwind : Will spawn three whirlwinds on the field that move across the field (but are very simple to dodge as they have a small area) and deal Anemo Damage, a few seconds later they transform and deal Hydro Damage until consumed.
    • Catastrophic Cannon : Concentrates Electro energy in the palms of his hand to quickly summon an infinity of laser beams that cover almost the entire battlefield and inflict extremely high damage, we can evade them either by creating a wind current with the Anemo matrix or go moving to the sound of the rays through the small gaps in which they do not affect us.

    And the attacks that he will make us in the second part of his fight are the following:

    • High Tension : A combo in which he will hit the ground with a heel strike, then hit the ground slapping and finally release a wave of Electro Damage that will travel the entire field and we will have to jump to dodge it or block it with a shield.
    • Babylon Gate : The Mechanical God will open numerous portals from which a shower of lightning will appear that will hit a purple area delimited by a circle, we just have to stay out of this area. After this, vertical rays will fall throughout the field from which we will have to flee as quickly as possible.
    • Electric Blades : The Mechanical God will create a pair of electric blades which will stick into the battlefield generating a large area that will cause Electro Damage, stay as far away as you can from the boss and if there is an elemental particle on the field you can use it to move up to her and dodge the blow.
    • Firecracker : It is his least usual attack; from time to time it will fire a burst of orbs at us that will do Electro Damage when they hit our characters.
    • Dual Charge : This is an onslaught in which he will first quickly traverse the field leaving a blanket of flames, after finishing this charge he will make another immediately leaving the field frozen or vice versa.
    • Hydraulic Aeropulse : Scaramouche will mark a cross-shaped area on the battlefield where Hydro and Anemo explosions will occur starting from the north zone to the south zone.
    • Elemental Mines : From time to time it will create a large number of mines of various elements throughout the field, each mine that we break before the Mechanical God decides to explode them will give us an energy particle to recharge the Akasha switch.
    • Fleeting Obliteration : It is his most powerful attack capable of annihilating any character in a single blow; The Clockwork God will start charging up a huge ball of energy and summon a nirvana machine. Well, our mission will be to break this machine to obtain energy particles to charge the Akasha switch and release its energy, since this is the only one that can stop this attack.


    The first achievement can only be achieved in the first phase of the Mechanical God and the second can be achieved only in its last phase.

    • Heavy Charge : Overloads and paralyzes the Clockwork God by tapping into elemental arrays; For this we will have to activate the two elemental matrices of the electro element using the Akasha neoswitch.
    • The Cycle of Life and Death : With a fleeting obliteration, the nature of all things is revealed; To obtain this achievement we will only have to wait for the fleeting obliteration to hit one of our characters and defeat him.


    These are the possible rewards for defeating the Clockwork God:

    • 300 points of Adventure Rank, Mora, Friendship Points… Wow, as usual.
    • Vajrada Amethyst : They are Electro character ascension materials.
    • Turquoise Vayuda : They are Anemo character ascension materials.
    • Varunada Lazurite : They are Hydro character ascension materials.
    • Dream Solvent : Item that allows you to change a talent material from a boss to a different one from the same boss (for example, we can change a Puppet Tube to a Nullification Rattle with this).
    • Talent Materials : Puppet Tube, Mushin’s Mirror, and Nullification Rattle.
    • Weapon Prototypes of the Central Regions .
    • Blue/Purple Artifacts : Berserker, Instructor, Ritual of Enlightenment, and Adventurer.
    • Purple/Legendary Artifacts : Gladiator’s End and Wanderer’s Orchestra .

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