April 16, 2024


This time we will face Sub-Inspector Beltrana , since at the end of chapter 3 of Temenos in Octopath Traveler 2 we will discover what we already suspected, which is that the high officials of the Curia are responsible for orchestrating the death of the Pontiff.

The boss as such is probably one of the simplest I’ve faced to date, although this is probably due to the fact that I already have the characters quite high and since it’s a Temenos mission, I was able to go with my main team

Oh, and if you haven’t reached this boss, continue reading below because I’m going to inevitably drop a spoiler and I’m going to do it NOW: F for Crick ;( he was a big one.


This time they will ask us as a requirement (it is optional, but highly recommended) that we have the minimum characters at level 36 . In my case, I took them even over the vast majority of them, if you have followed the guides in this blog your case should be similar to mine, surely for this reason the battle cost me so little; although in any case, it does not seem to me that it is complicated even removing this fact.


He’s one of those bosses who stuns him and regains consciousness changes his weaknesses , which is a pain, but anyway, at first they are these:

  • Lance
  • Axe
  • Walking stick

The first change of weaknesses after the first stun, here we can take better advantage of Osvald:

  • Dagger
  • Bow
  • Fire
  • Light

This will be the second weakness change:

  • Lance
  • Axe
  • Bow

If you play it right you might not even see the first weakness change, but to do that you’ll have to burst it tremendously the first time you stun it. In my case (I did it the first time) I got to see the first weakness change, but it left him with very little health, so I finished him off without even getting to stun him again.


Fear us in Octopath Traveler 2

These are the characters that I recommend for this battle:

  • Hikari : Always recommended and more in a battle like this since in all its possible versions of weaknesses it has several physical weapons (as I always recommend it with Hunter’s Secondary Job). The alternative is of course an Ochette Guerrera.
  • Osvald : It may seem that we don’t want to take him into battle since after all, he only has some elemental weakness in phase 2, but there is a possibility that the boss applies a shield that will annoy physical attackers a lot, so just in case it is convenient to take your Osvald.
  • Agnea : Her usual role, which is mainly to apply buffs to her teammates. If you take her as a Thief , as is my case, I recommend that you don’t apply her debuff when she has the purple shield (I’ll explain below). Partitio would also be a good option, but at the moment I like Agnea better.
  • Temenos : To heal the team and support when healing is not necessary. I take it with Scholar’s Secondary Job (sometimes I put it Merchant, as I choose) especially to support Osvald with «Advanced Magic» or «Alephan’s Knowledge».


First of all, let’s talk about the shields that are placed because the strategy that we follow will depend on it:

  • Purple Shield : You will always start with this one. All it does is make it immune to debuffs , so forget about it. After stunning him, he can put on the same shield or one of the two below.
  • Blue Shield : It will redirect elemental attacks towards the user who channeled them, so don’t even think about attacking him with magic. In my case, my Osvald has a Side Job as a Dancer, so he can give support if this happens.
  • Green Shield : It will poison physical attackers when they hit it, so you won’t be interested in hitting it with weapons unless you are very overpowered, but I already tell you that poison is very annoying and not worth it. If you jump, you’ll be thankful you took Osvald with you just in case.

Except for this, the ideal is what I was telling you, follow the usual strategy of the Octopath Traveler 2 bosses of accumulating IP while you buff your characters, stun them and hit them with the most damaging abilities applying the maximum boost. And don’t forget to use Potential in those cases where it spreads, such as Hikari’s to make a tremendous «Celestial Slash» or Osvald’s to deal more damage to a single enemy that turn.

The purple shield is quite easy to deal with, the really annoying ones are the ones that can be put on from the first time you stun him. Luckily, and if you follow this strategy, when that happens the boss will already be eating the ground or two feet from it, so that won’t be too worrying.

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