April 15, 2024


Nahida is nothing more and nothing less than the Archon Dendro from Genshin Impact and as you well know, in this game the Archons are usually quite powerful. She is also known as Kusanali , although to me she will always be referred to as “the Kusa”; however we refer to her as Nahida as that is her name shown in the game.

She is a great character like a house and stands out for being the goddess of the Dendro application outside the field and for being…. “the Archon of Elemental Mastery” (as was the case with Raiden and the Energy Recharge)… although now that I think about it, Venti is also a bit of that… but we won’t tell him because he’s a drunk.

Kidding aside, it’s not just that Nahida is going to get a kick out of Elemental Mastery (her Elemental scales with Mastery, something introduced for the first time on this character, watch out for that… and Dendro Reactions are the ones that scale best with Mastery) but this one will also give a lot of Mastery to his teammates, he will apply a lot of Dendro passively, he buffs according to the element of the characters on your team, his Ulti has a negligible cost, he gets critical chance and damage for his Elemental based on his Mastery and he can even collect items by making “photos” with his Elemental… The nightmare of collecting Kalpa Lotus (which is his ascension material on top) is over. What more do you want? Nothing, it’s too much; I said, a goddess .

Oh, and all this in C0 eh… Let’s go with his analysis + build + equipment + materials!


His stats are not excessively remarkable but it is true that he has in his kit what he needs most, which is Elemental Mastery. These are the stats that Nahida will possess when promoted to level 90:

  • Base Health: 10,360.
  • Base Attack: 299.
  • Base Defense: 630.
  • Elemental Mastery: 115.

His Attack doesn’t stand out as much as other Eula or Ayaka -type characters , but he doesn’t fall far behind either. Defensively (both in Life and Defense) she is quite lousy, so she is a very delicate character, something that should not surprise anyone.

As an additional stat she gets Elemental Mastery , which is the stat we have to prioritize in her to increase the damage of her Reactions and also that of her abilities; that as you will see below, these also increase their damage based on this stat, something that we see for the first time in this character.


Let’s see your talents or abilities.


The typical thing we usually see in Normal Attacks, nothing special:

  • Normal Attack : A combo of four fast attacks not too powerful, being a Catalyst user these attacks will be Dendro damage.
  • Charged Attack : Consumes a certain amount of stamina to make a more powerful area attack.
  • Descending Attack : Dive attack that when hitting the ground will deal Dendro Damage (again for using Catalyst, it would normally be physical damage).


  • TdE: 5 sec.
  • TdE hold: 6s.
  • Duration: 25s.
  • Activation Interval: 2.5s.
  • Damage of each Pulse: 185.76% Attack + 371.52% Elemental Mastery (level 10).

Undoubtedly the best thing that Nahida has in her kit, we will make a kind of photo to the enemies (if we keep it we can aim better for the photo, while we do it Nahida will have more resistance to blows) that will cause Dendro damage to do it and we will leave a kind seed to enemies (maximum 8 seeds).

Enemies marked with the seed will be tethered to each other (so they can’t be pulled too far apart) and will take Dendro damage (max once every 2.5s and lasting 25s, which is cloth cloth) when you hit one of them with an Elemental Reaction . Best of all, this damage scales with both Attack and Elemental Mastery.

Its waiting time is also negligible, so replicating it in the case of having defeated several marked enemies will be very simple.


  • Energy Cost: 50.
  • TdE: 13.5 sec.
  • Duration: 15s.

Oddly enough, it’s not a damage-dealing ability as such; Instead, what we will do is create a kind of exaggeratedly huge temple that will give us buffs depending on whether we have characters with the following elements in the team (the data is taking into account level 10 in the Ulti):

  • Pyro : Increases the damage of Elemental Skill pulses.
    • 1 character: +26.78% Damage.
    • 2 characters: +40.18% Damage.
  • Electro : Nahida will pulse with the Elemental Skill faster.
    • 1 character: Pulses every 2.05s.
    • 2 Characters: Pulses every 1.83s.
  • Hydro : Increases the duration of the Ulti.
    • 1 character: 6s (level 10).
    • 2 characters: 9s (level 10).

So if we were in a team with 2 Electro and a Hydro (which would be quite common), our Ulti would last 24s and we would pulse with the Elemental Ability every 1.83s.


A passive pass. When a character other than Nahida is within the area of ​​the Temple of the Ulti, they will gain 25% of the Elemental Mastery of the character with the most Elemental Mastery on their team; The maximum that this ability can give us is 250 points of Mastery, so it would be interesting to have a character that has 1000 points of Elemental Mastery in the team (which would be the maximum amount, with more than that we would no longer give more Mastery. ).

Clarify that although Nahida cannot benefit from this buff, she can be the character that provides it; in fact she would be ideal since we want her ideally with those 1000 Elemental Mastery points.


Another passive that is god. This will cause that for each point of Elemental Mastery that Nahida has above 200 points, it will provide her with these effects:

  • +0.1% Elemental Damage per point. Maximum 80%.
  • +0.3% Critical Chance of the Elemental per point. Maximum 24%.

Assuming we have 1000 Elemental Mastery, we would get (it would have to be counted as 800 since the first 200 points don’t count for this) the 80% Damage and 24% Crit on the Elemental; so again we find that the Mastery cap in Nahida is precisely to have 1000 points of this stat (and also our goal).


Even his third passive, which are typical of the field and that (harvesting, cooking… you know), is god. By taking “a photo” using the Elemental Skill we can collect the objects from the environment that we aim at ; these will go directly into inventory.

In addition to this, we will also be able to see what the NPCs of the game think if we take a “photo” of them.


These are the benefits that Nahida obtains through her Constellations:

  • C1 – Seeds of Knowledge : Regarding the bonuses that the Ulti gives us, you will get 1 extra bonus from Pyro, Electro and Hydro (one of each eh) for the face. Keep in mind that if we go, for example, with 2 Electro in the team, we will not benefit more from the buff as if we had 3 because the maximum buff we can get is for having 2 characters of the same element.
  • C2 – Roots of Plenitude : The Dendro Reactions performed on characters affected by the seed that we apply to the Elemental obtain the following effects:
    • Burn, Bloom, Overbloom, and Crackle will be able to critically deal (20% chance) for 100% Critical Damage.
    • Acceleration, Intensification and Spread: Reduce Defense by 30% for 8s.
  • C3 – Karma Sprouts : Increases Elemental Skill by 3 levels, can be increased up to 15 levels.
  • C4 – Stems of Manifest Action : If you have enemies affected by the Elemental’s seeds near Nahida she will gain 100/120/140/160 Elemental Mastery depending on the number of enemies, with 4 being the maximum (which would be 160 points).
  • C5 – Blades of Discursive Enlightenment : Increases Ulti by 3 levels, can be increased up to 15 levels.
  • C6 – Fruits of the Rational Culmination : When hitting enemies affected by the seed with Normal Attacks we will activate 1 additional pulse of the Elemental of 200% Attack and 400% Elemental Mastery. We can activate one every 0.2s and a maximum of 6 times for 10s.

For a change , it is very interesting to have the C2 because those buffs to Dendro’s Elemental Reactions are very, very good and the bonuses that the C1 gives us are not bad either. C4 is some extra Elemental Mastery, which I don’t think is a big deal either because we’ll have Mastery for a pipe at the end. And looking ahead to C6, the typical one to make it more viable as a Main DPS (which would be curious to say the least because on the field it would be an Enabler and outside of it it would be an Activator).


Our first objective will be to obtain those juicy 1000 Elemental Mastery points that we need so much to get the most out of it, and from there we will seek to enhance the other aspects.


These are the most recommended Catalysts for Nahida:

  • Thousand Nights Dreams ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: After all, it is his weapon. It gives us huge amounts of Elemental Mastery and then depending on whether our teammates are of our element or another, we will obtain damage bonuses and again more Mastery. To top it off we will also be giving 40 Elemental Mastery points to our team mates.
  • Wandering Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐: Your best 4-star option. It gives us Mastery and also an Attack boost based on our Elemental Mastery (we’ll share some of this Attack to the team as well).
  • Nautical Chart ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: It gives us Elemental Mastery for a change (not much) and an interesting damage bonus when performing Elemental Reactions.
  • Sacrifice Memories  ⭐⭐⭐⭐: For the Elemental Mastery (it gives something more than the previous one), the pity is that the paiva to restore the Elemental Ability does not give us anything since it already has a negligible waiting time and an exaggerated duration. Better to leave it to Sucrose.


As for statistics on artifacts, the ideal would be the following:

  • Helmet or Crown : Critical Damage (we already get chance with Mastery).
  • Clock : Elemental Mastery.
  • Chalice : Dendro Damage Bonus.

This is assuming that you reach 1000 Elemental Mastery by adding all the Mastery buffs that Nahida is going to obtain (Golden Dreams, Dendro Elemental Consonance , Instructor, characters that share Mastery such as Sucrose, Dendro Traveler…). It’s best to check how much you reach in-game after doing the entire rotation to see how much Mastery you’ll actually have on the battlefield.

In the event that you do not reach 1000 Mastery (it is not difficult to reach it if you ride it well) or you do not even come close (if you stay at 950 to say something, it does not matter a bit), you will have to put Elemental Mastery in other pieces such as the Helmet or Chalice; Anyway, what has been said, the ideal would be to reach those 1000 Elemental Mastery only with Clock Mastery.

Substats you are looking for:

  • Priority: Elemental Mastery (up to 1000 cap), Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Attack %.
  • No Priority: Energy Recharge (you don’t need it at all, but among the rest it’s what helps you the most, especially for situations in which there is a disastrous generation of energy).

And as for the Artifact Set  we have 2 options:

Golden Dreams in Genshin Impact
  • Golden dreams :
    • 2 Pieces : Increases Elemental Mastery by 80 points.
    • 4 Pieces : When performing an Elemental Reaction, the character equipped with this set will obtain 50 Elemental Mastery points for each character in the team with an element other than their own and a +14% bonus to their Attack for each character they have your same element in the team; This effect lasts 8 seconds, can be activated every 8 seconds, and will remain even if the character is not on the field.

His best set without a doubt since it will help us a lot in order to obtain Elemental Mastery and you have already seen that we need a lot for nahida to perform at its best. He also takes advantage of the Attack; less, but he takes him out.

Memories of the Forest in Genshin Impact
  • Forest Memories :
    • 2 Pieces : +15% Dendro Damage Bonus.
    • 4 Pieces : Hitting an enemy with an Elemental or Ultimate Skill lowers their Dendro Damage resistance by 30% for 8 seconds; this resistance drop can be activated even if the character is dealing damage with one of his abilities even if he is no longer present on the battlefield.

Tremendous set as it will greatly increase our Dendro Damage (both because of the bonus itself and the Dendro Resistance Reduction) and also that of most of Dendro’s Elemental Reactions since almost all deal damage from this element (and reduce Dendro Resistance is to increase its damage).

The problem is that Golden Dreams spreads us a lot, so the ideal would be to carry this set in a Dendro element partner so that he is in charge of reducing resistances and so your Nahida can have Golden Dreams.


Traveler Dendro in Genshin Impact

Characters that have very good synergy with Nahida:

  • Dendro Characters : For Dendro Consonance and reduce Dendro resistances with the Memories of the Forest set. Between Nahida and the other Dendro character you choose you will have a brutal Dendro application.
    • Dendro Traveler : The Traveler is more worthwhile because it keeps Dendro damage on the field longer and provides 60 Elemental Mastery to the team.
    • Collei : Less relevant but still an option.
  • Electro Characters : For Electro + Dendro reactions.
    • Cyno : Benefits a lot from Elemental Mastery and the tremendous Dendro application that we will have.
    • Kuki : He also covers the role of healer and applies very well in the area around him passively with the Elemental.
    • Fischl : In unitarget apply a lot of Electro.
    • Yae Miko : Applies less Electro but will benefit a lot from Elemental Mastery, something that Nahida’s teams abound in a lot of.
  • Hydro Characters : To perform Blooms.
    • Nilou : Nahida is the perfect activator for Nilou’s doped Blooms. But she is she will need the help of other Hydro characters for Nahida to activate Elemental Reactions.
    • Yelan / Xingchiu : In single target they apply a lot. Yelan brings more damage, but Xingchiu more energy and defensive support.
    • Kokomi : Takes the role of healer and incidentally will apply Hydro in the area.
    • Barbara : Like Kokomi but a little lower.
    • Ayato : You can take him as the Main DPS of the team to apply a lot of Hydro while the other characters take care of the rest.

In the end, the idea is to ideally make a composition of 2 Dendro + 1 Hydro + 1 Electro or even one of 2 Electro + 1 Dendro + 1 Hydro (the problem with the second one is that we cannot take Nahida with Golden Dreams and we lose Dendro consonance ; the good thing is that we get the Electro consonance which gives us more energy; this configuration would be better for Cyno equipment). Nilou teams is obviously a separate issue since we will have to go yes or yes with Dendro and Hydro characters only.

Teams of 1 Dendro + 1 Hydro + 1 Electro + 1 Anemo are also not a bad option but we have the same problem as mentioned of not having 2 Dendro characters. Kazuha and Sucrose would be very good options to apply Electro with whirlwinds while the first would provide us with bonus Electro Damage (and Hydro incidentally if we manage to make a whirlwind of that element) and the second more Elemental Mastery for the team (which could compensate a little the loss of Mastery that would mean not having Golden Dreams). Also, since they are characters that go to full Mastery, they would cause a lot of damage with Elemental Reactions.

Shogun Raiden is not a bad option either, but it spreads more in other types of teams such as the Baaltional or the typical Kazuha + Sara C6 + Bennett .


We will need the following materials to upgrade you:

  • Emerald Nagadus.
  • Suppressor Climber (Hypostasis Dendro).
  • Kalpa lotus .
  • Fluorescent Pollen (of the mushroom enemies, remember that it has a higher appearance rate if we do not hit the mushrooms with Hydro, Electro, Pyro or Dendro).

And as for Talent Books and others:

  • “Books” of the Ingenuity.
  • Fluorescent pollen.
  • Scaramouche materials.
  • Crown of Wisdom (Talent level 10).

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