April 21, 2024
Gotham Knights: All Trophies & Achievements in Open World Adventure

Gotham Knights: All Trophies & Achievements in Open World Adventure

In this Gotham Knights Trophy Guide , you’ll learn:

  • How many trophies you can unlock in Gotham Knights
  • What you have to do to get all achievements
  • How to get the platinum trophy on the PS5

How many trophies are there in Gotham Knights?

There are a total of 49 trophies you can unlock in Gotham Knights on PS5 :

  • 39x Bronze
  • 7x silver
  • 2x Gold
  • 1x Platin

If you play Gotham Knights on Xbox Series S/X, you can collect 48 achievements that give you a total of 1,000 points in Gamerscore .

Gotham Knights: All Bronze Trophies

The bronze trophies in Gotham Knights require you to find numerous collectibles , including murals, hidden Batarangs, and missing pages from the mythical Historia Strigidae.

unfinished businessComplete Case File 01: BATMAN’S FINAL CASE.Bronzefifteen
Never threatenedComplete Case File 02: THE RABBIT HOLE.Bronzefifteen
lock and keyComplete Case File 03: INTO THE SHADOWS.Bronzefifteen
A bad apple doesn’t fall far from the treeComplete Case File 04: THE MASKED BALL.Bronzefifteen
What’s going on in GothamComplete Case File 05: THE COUNCIL OF OWLS.Bronzefifteen
UnvoicedComplete Case File 06: JACOB KANE.Bronzefifteen
Asylum wantedComplete Case File 07: THE LEAGUE OF SHADOWS.Bronzefifteen
Knights of GothamComplete Case File 08: DEMON’S HEAD.Bronzefifteen
Victorious VictorDiscover a new problem in STAR Labs.Bronzefifteen
Such a quartzInvestigate the disturbance at Quartz Labs.Bronzefifteen
cool down periodPut an inmate back behind bars in Blackgate.Bronzefifteen
Har har har, very funnyFind an extraordinary source at Blackgate Penitentiary.Bronzefifteen
Full on ReQDiscover a questionable self-help program on the streets of Gotham.Bronzefifteen
Choose HarleyDisrupt a presentation at the Monarch Theater.Bronzefifteen
Hit the wrong noteUnearth a villain who shouldn’t be in Gotham City.Bronzefifteen
The Silence of the LoamsStorm a movie set and anger the director.Bronzefifteen
The Batman FamilyPlay as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood.Bronzefifteen
Practice creates mastersComplete all 16 training sessions in the training area.Bronzefifteen
Secret GothamFind all of Bruce Wayne’s hidden audio recordings.Bronzefifteen
Watertight alibiSuccessfully protect Batman’s secret identity.Bronzefifteen
Fast as hellComplete every Batcycle Time Trial.Bronzefifteen
accoladeAchieve a knighthood with Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, or Red Hood.Bronzefifteen
Worthy successorUnlock the final Knighthood skill rank for any member of the Batman family.Bronzefifteen
First step to accoladeUnlock an ability for the first time.Bronzefifteen
With momentum and unstoppableUnlock all four swing bars as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing or Red Hood.Bronzefifteen
family meetingBesiege 30 Mafia-Patinnen.Bronzefifteen
ShockingDefeat 45 Regulator Shockers.Bronzefifteen
The drone threatens youDefeat 30 Regulator Drone Masters.Bronzefifteen
flat rolledBesiege 30 Freaks-Bulldozer.Bronzefifteen
Not in their leagueDefeat 45 Assassins and 30 League of Shadows Rocket Launchers.Bronzefifteen
The Man Bat familyBesiege 10 Man-Bats in Gotham City.Bronzefifteen
talonedDefeat 40 Wild Talons, 25 Gladiator Talons, and 15 Hunter Talons.Bronzefifteen
In your elementInflict elemental effects on opponents 50 times.Bronzefifteen
An art in itselfDiscover all the murals for Tim’s street art project in Gotham City.Bronzefifteen
major in historyFind all of Gotham City’s landmarks.Bronzefifteen
Batarang CollectorRetrieve all hidden Batarangs in Gotham City.Bronzefifteen
As it says in the owl bookCollect all the missing pages of the mythical Historia Strigidae.Bronzefifteen
Protector of GothamComplete 50 challenges.Bronzefifteen
fusion expertGet 50 mod chips with the mod fusion.Bronzefifteen

Gotham Knights: All Silver Trophies

Only by completing all of the Villain Case Files in Gotham will you earn the End of an Era silver trophy .

old newsStay cool and survive the storm at Elliot Center.Silverthirty
health careGo to Gotham City General Hospital after visiting hours.Silverthirty
How petrifiedCrack the case at Gotham Reservoir.Silverthirty
The end of an eraComplete all villain case files.Silverthirty
peppyUnlock all swing abilities as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing or Red Hood.Silverthirty
Not during my shiftSuccessfully stop all premeditated crimes in a single night.Silver35
Clothes make heroesCraft a full set of legendary gear (suit, melee, and ranged weapons).Silverthirty

Gotham Knights: Gold and Platinum Trophies

If you collect all trophies on the PlayStation 5, you will receive the platinum trophy “Worthy of the Mask” .

He would be so proud of youReach the maximum level for one of the members of the Batman family.Gold100
Crime Fighting ExpertPrevent 250 crimes in Gotham City.Gold100
Worthy of the maskGet all trophies in Gotham Knights.platinum

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