April 15, 2024
Endless Dungeon – The rogue-tower-like in detail!

Endless Dungeon – The rogue-tower-like in detail!

We were offered a game session on Endless Dungeon so that we could form an opinion on this game which will be released soon. I was able to put my paws on it in order to transcribe to you objectively speaking my impressions of the title. Are you ready? Get out your blasters, your turrets and let’s go!


You have arrived on a ship that seems abandoned to you. But very quickly, creatures attack you and you realize that each time you die, you are teleported to the departure room of the ship. How are you going to get out of this remains the biggest enigma that you will have to solve.

Graphics & atmosphere

Graphically, the game is more than correct with a fairly nice approach to creatures. At first, I thought I would only come across biological infestation-type creatures. But quickly, I saw the design of robotic creatures which I liked enormously, especially the dustbins of the future which swing missiles (yes, I know, they are not dustbins). The effects and sound effects of the weapons are very successful, and the rooms of the ship are well done. The soundscape adapts as it should also to accompany us, especially when a wave begins… we can feel the stress rising.

Note: Many slowdowns were felt during my adventures, especially when many enemies showed up. My configuration being quite sturdy, I think that an optimization problem is involved.


You will have the choice between three characters. Having failed to go far enough to unlock the third slot (for that, you have to advance to a certain point in the game), I settle for a team of two. There, it will be necessary to take into account the resources that are allocated at the start, and at each door opening. You will have science, food and engineering that will allow you to perform various actions.

For example, you can use engineering resources to create turrets, shields, etc… to counter the waves too, which is essential for success. Science will allow you to research new weapons or tools to deploy, while food allows you to purchase upgrades for your character from the provided vending machines.

The goal is to successfully move an orange crystal through a dungeon made up of several rooms and find the exit door, by deploying turrets and whatnot, managing your resources, and securing a path for it to go. to the zone limit door in order to move on to the next one. If your characters die you lose, if your crystal dies you lose. Needless to say, finding a balance will require a good deal of death before you can successfully mix.

To help you, you will find resource generators that will steadily increase (against a starting investment that increases exponentially with each new generator in an area) what you receive in addition with each door opening. Note that each generator must be protected or risk losing precious resources, as it can be destroyed by the wild hordes that will charge you. To do this, use your basic weapons or those you find in chests, your special or ultimate skills which charge over time/encounter, or simply put up a sufficient defense!


Endless Dungeon showed us some of what it was capable of, although many things can change. Personally, I liked the concept of mixing rogue-lite/tower-defense, but there is too much information missing on the final product to get a concrete idea. Even if the difficulty of the game seems to be in order, I really enjoyed the thread of my games and I think I will watch this game as development progresses and who knows? give you a full-fledged preview when it comes out, and maybe with some teammates to get us in on the action.

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