April 16, 2024
Dying Light 2: Stay Human - Guide for all Graffiti Tags

Dying Light 2: Stay Human – Guide for all Graffiti Tags

In the wonderful world of Dying Light 2 , the latest title developed by Techland and published recently, there are 70 Graffiti tags commonly in the game called murals, as you can well understand from the number, identifying them all is not exactly a breeze, really for this reason we have decided to dedicate a guide to you, with which you can find the Graffiti Tags scattered in the title to unlock the trophy or the Street Art Aficionado achievement.

These 70 murals are scattered almost everywhere along the adventure, and identifying them is sometimes difficult, because the eye will get lost among the various views of the game. Precisely for this reason and to avoid losing several diopters in search of the various murals, we have decided to insert a clarifying video that will allow you to go straight to the goal.

Where to find all the Graffiti tags in Dying Light 2? Here is the guide

Dying Light 2: Stay Human Graffiti Tag

As we have anticipated the Graffiti tags, they are nothing more than large murals that adorn some places in the game. You can obviously find them painted on the walls of the buildings or in some remote ravine in the ruins of the districts. Fortunately, their size comes up against us and they are probably among the easiest targets to identify, to conquer them all you have to do is collect the red chest that you will find near each mural.

Another positive note is that you can find them in open environments, so going to recover them even if you have lost them will not be a problem, all you have to do is take advantage of the usual co-op mode. Despite this, we have decided to make your search easier by inserting a detailed video of Gaming with Abyss which we thank for the availability. Fortunately for you there are no big recommendations to make, follow the video carefully and you will easily and successfully unlock the coveted Street Art Aficionado trophy.

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