April 21, 2024


Brad is the head of security for Death Inc and the first regret that we will have to face in Have a Nice Death , which would be the final bosses of each area of ​​the game.

His job in Death Inc is to control which souls can pass (those whose time has come), those who can’t because he kicks them out (or at least that’s what he should do). He’s a bit lazy (lately he lets all the souls pass), but that’s what Parca is there for, to remind him that he doesn’t get paid to be lazy.

It doesn’t stand out for being very difficult, but since Lamento does show a jump in difficulty compared to the Thanagers (without going to those in more advanced areas), which are the minibosses of the game, come on. It could be said that it is the boss that will show us more or less what is the level that we can expect from the final bosses of an area, although of course as we progress further, these will become more and more complicated. It will help us to see a bit of the comparison between a Thanager and a Lamento.


    We can find Brad in the Hall of Eternity in Have a Nice Death, which is the first area of ​​the game. As it is a Lament, we will always find it in the last room of the area and defeating it is when we can advance to the following areas.

    Remember that before him (in the third room), we can face one of the Thanagers in the area, something you should do to improve your skills and be more prepared for this boss. These are the Thanagers in the area:

    • A. Hung .
    • L. Very clean .

    After defeating him and completing the Hall of Eternity we can go to one of these two areas:

    • Industrial Pollution Department.
    • Department of Physical Diseases.


    It is a fairly simple boss, but it is also true that as it is the first final boss, it will cost us more since we have not yet mastered the game much (if you do it a few times you will do it with your eyes closed).


    These are his attacks and how to act in response to them:

    • Claw Combo : He will do a couple of claw strikes forward and after this he will jump and lunge at you. Dash to dodge the first 2 claw strikes (and hit him a few times if you have time) and then be ready to dash again when he ‘s about to come at you. After this you proceed to attack him as much as you can.
    • Dive Attack : Similar to what he does after the two claw strikes, only it will cover a greater distance. When you see it rise you prepare to dash just as it dives.
    • Gargoyle Attack : It will jump and petrify itself in the air, so it will fall down quickly. Just focus on not being under him when he does it and then counterattack. Of course, be careful because when falling it will sometimes raise some stones from the ground that will do contact damage to you.
    • The Dance of the Stones : You will see that it begins to fly as if it were spinning from side to side while it is throwing stones at you that you must avoid; it is minor that you do not try to attack him here, focus above all on dodging the rocks. Be careful because at the end it will launch a streak of several rocks that you will have to dodge with a dash .


    The key for this battle to be very simple, apart from of course knowing your movements very well (which we have already mentioned above), is not to jump , even if it sounds a little absurd. It is easy for the boss to catch us off guard and damage us if we are in the air, but if we stay on the ground it will be very easy to dodge all of his attacks.

    It’s a trick that was great for me, when I adopted this strategy is when I began to eliminate it in a simple way (now I don’t care because I’ve already done it 800 times and I know it by heart).

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