April 16, 2024
Best hand control for Nintendo Switch 2022

Best hand control for Nintendo Switch 2022

In this guide, we go through which are the best controllers for Nintendo Switch in 2022 in different categories. In addition to the original control, there are currently a number of controls on the market from third-party manufacturers, some of which are licensed by Nintendo and others not.

Many gamers today want a classic and solid hand control for their Nintendo Switch, especially when connected to a TV. Don’t get us wrong, the included Joy-Con control is a good and fun hand control for many games, but both the buttons and levers can be perceived as small and the grip is not the most comfortable all the time.

To make it easier for you to find the right one among the larger controls for the Nintendo Switch, we have therefore compiled a buying guide and the best in tests. Below is a smooth overview of our top list.


1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is the original control for the Nintendo Switch and the best control for the Nintendo 2022. High quality, nice grip and nice features.

Best hand control overall for Nintendo Switch 2022

  • High quality and well built
  • A fantastic comfort for the hands
  • Texture in the grip for extra good grip
  • HD Rumble, Motion Control, support for Amiibo
  • Long battery life of approx. 40 hours

2. Horipad Wireless Control

Hori Pad Wireless Controller is one of the best controllers for Nintendo Switch 2022. Wireless, stylish, comfortable and functional.

Best alternative hand control for Nintendo Switch 2022

  • Stylish and affordable top-class control
  • Comfortable and easy to handle
  • Control with movements
  • rechargeable battery
  • Available in several colors

3. 8Bitdo Pro 2 Gamepad

8Bitdo Pro 2 Gamepad is a nice game controller for PC and Nintendo Switch with an inspiration of retro in the design.  One of the best controls for PC and Switch 2022.

Best retro controller for Nintendo Switch 2022

  • Play with a cool retro-inspired control
  • Incredibly customizable – Change in app & computer
  • Texture on the handles for even better grip
  • Two programmable extra buttons underneath
  • Also for PC, Steam, Mac & Android

4. PowerA Wired Controller

PowerA Wired Controller Switch is a hand control with cord for Switch and is available in several different designs such as Maria, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Link and Crash Bandicoot.  Best wired handheld controller for Nintendo 2022.

Best hand control with cord for Nintendo Switch 2022

  • Cool control with a nice design
  • Officially licensed by Nintendo
  • Well built with comfortable ergonomics
  • Three meter long cord, release the charge
  • Several versions, b.la. with Yoshi, Link & Pikachu

5. KMD Pro Wireless Controller

KMD Wireless Pro Controller Switch is a cheap and very affordable hand control for Nintendo Switch.  Best in test among cheap hand controls 2022.

Best Cheap Controller for Nintendo Switch 2022

  • Affordable and cheap wireless control
  • Grooved grip on the levers
  • Rumble, gyro & motion control
  • Turbo function
  • Also available in a corded version

Choose the right controller for the Nintendo Switch

The included Joy-Con control for the Switch console is a good and fun hand control for many games, but the buttons are quite small and the grip can be experienced as somewhat uncomfortable, even if you use the Joy-Con grip. This means that many people prefer a more classic hand control, with a larger grip and larger buttons, especially when the Switch is to be connected to a TV.

In order for you to get a better idea of ​​what makes the difference between different controllers for the Nintendo Switch and what makes them cheap and expensive, we will go through some important parts. It is also worth adding that when you look for a new hand control at retailers, the name of the control itself can differ in different stores, it can be called hand control, game control, box, gaming controller or just control.

Wireless hand control or with cord / cable

A hand control can either be wireless or connected with a cord directly to the console. Wireless controls are a much more popular and common choice , although these usually have a higher price tag. As you know, it is easier to play without a cord in the way, however, the disadvantage is that wireless boxes need to be charged.

The PDP Afterglow Deluxe Wireless Controller Switch illustrates a wireless controller for the Nintendo Switch.  This model is transparent with a cool LED lighting built-in.

Grip on the control

The grip on a game controller today  is becoming increasingly important and manufacturers are putting a lot of focus on this. The controls should be  ergonomic and comfortable to hold, so that you can play for as long as you want.

Something we have started to see in several cans is a rough or rubberized surface , it gives an even better grip and ensures a good grip even in hand sweat.

In general, cheaper controls are simpler built and their grip is usually not as comfortable as more expensive models.

Various functions and buttons

On more lavish controls, there are different types of vibrations and force feedback , which provide feedback from the game at different events to make it more realistic. Furthermore, the ability to adjust and adjust the control may differ. In some models it is possible e.g. to change what different buttons should do (re-map the buttons) or to change how sensitive the levers should be to movements.

Another nice feature to have in a Nintendo Switch control is support for Motion Control , which is available from several third-party manufacturers, as well as in the original.

Designer & colors

For the Nintendo Switch, there are game controls in many different colors and  designs , on Switch controls it is also common to find figures from Nintendo’s world such as. Donkey Kong, Mario and or any Pokémon.

If several children are to play on a console, different designs on the controls are a flexible way to distinguish whose control is whose .

Now we take and jump down to our best in test!

Best hand control for PlayStation 2022

1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Best hand control overall Nintendo Switch 2022

Side view of Nintendo Pro Controller, best in test of Nintendo Switch controllers 2022.
  • Connection: Wireless (Bluetooth)
  • Screenshot button: Yes
  • Battery life:  About 40 hours, rechargeable
  • Headphone jack: No.

Switch Pro Controller is Nintendo’s own controller and which they have succeeded fantastically well with. It’s a well – built controller that feels very solid in the hand with one reminiscent of a mix between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One controller.

Compared to the Joy Con control, the levers and buttons on the Pro Controller are significantly larger, which makes it easier to control and press , we think. Furthermore, the handles have a certain texture to increase grip , perfect during intense and hectic races in Mario Kart.

We find several nice features in the control, e.g. HD Rumble which provides realistic vibrations and Motion Control which allows you to control movements in games such as Super Mario Party, Splatoon or The Legend of Zelda. There is also support for NFC scanning of Amiibo characters .

The control ‘s battery life of 40 hours is a long time and very good for a hand control, the built-in battery is easily charged via the included USB-C cable.

A box of absolute top class, the only negative is the price tag, which is quite high for a hand control.

2. Horipad Wireless Control

Best alternative hand control Nintendo Switch 2022

Horipad Wireless Control page is a sharp and affordable hand office with superb grip and stylish design.  Are there e.g.  with Mario design.  One of the best choices of hand control for Switch 2022.
  • Connection: Wireless (Bluetooth)
  • Screenshot button: Yes
  • Battery life:  About 15 hours, rechargeable
  • Headphone jack: No.

Horipad’s wireless control for Nintendo Swtich is a stylish and affordable hand control with a wonderful design. The control is officially licensed by Nintendo and has many similarities to the Switch Pro control, but has been provided with a lower price.

In terms of quality, the control feels lavish and it sits well and comfortably in the hand thanks to the rubber grips on the sides . The buttons, D-pad and levers are just the right size and give a quick response.

Horipad’s control also supports  motion control through thanks to a built-in accelerometer and a gyroscope. Compared to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, however, this box lacks support for HD Rumble and Amiibo.

We also want to highlight the low control’s low weight of 170 grams, which is significantly lighter than the original’s 247 grams. In terms of appearance, this game control is also available in several other cool colors, such as  blue .

3. 8BitDo Pro 2 Gamepad

Best retro handheld Nintendo Switch 2022

8Bitdo Pro 2 Gamepad is a nice game controller for PC and Nintendo Switch with an inspiration of retro in the design.  One of the best controls for PC and Switch 2022.
  • Connection: Wireless (Bluetooth)
  • Screenshot button: Yes
  • Battery life:  Approx. 20 hours, rechargeable
  • Headphone jack: No.

8BitDo Pro 2 Gamepad is an incredibly flexible and cool hand control with a retro feel . It is full of customization options that allow you to create a controller for your games. In addition to Switch, it is also suitable for PC, Steam, Mac and Android, on the back you can easily switch between the different platforms.

The control is similar and feels much like the DualShock 4 control from PlayStation, with the same type of set of buttons and levers. On the lower part of the handles we find a texture , which gives extra good grip. At the bottom there are also two extra buttons as shown above, which can be programmed to any keystroke.

As mentioned, the box is very customizable and can be easily changed and modified in the 8BitDo Ultimate Software , which is available both on a computer and as an app for iOS and Android. You can, among other things, adjust how the levers respond , how far down L2 and R2 should react, change vibration levels and create macros .

It is possible to save up to three profiles with different settings and you can easily switch between these with the button between the levers. It should be added that there are three profiles per platform as well, so you can e.g. have three profiles for Switch and three for PC. 8BitDo Pro 2 is also suitable for PC, Mac, Steam, Andriod . At the back of the control, you can easily change the connection between the different platforms.

4. PowerA Wired Controller

Best hand control with cord Nintendo Switch 2022

PowerA Wired Controller in black and with Crash Bandicoot in neon blue.  Our choice of best corded controller for Nintendo Switch 2022.
  • Connection: Cord
  • Screenshot button: Yes
  • Battery life: N / A
  • Headphone jack: No.

PowerA Wired Controller for Switch is a cool hand control that is available in a number of cool designs with different colors and Nintendo motifs. A really lively controller that is also officially licensed by Nintendo.

Because the box is corded and without a battery, the weight is a little lower and it feels light and flexible in the hand to handle. Without a cord, a hand control is known to be even cheaper and you do not have to think about charging .

In terms of quality, the control feels well-built and both levers and buttons provide a quick response. Functionally, this is a slightly simpler control that lacks functions such as vibration and motion control. But on the other hand, it is taken up again in price and design instead.

The supplied cord is three meters long , and can be disconnected from the controller. However, the control does not work without the cord connected.

5. KMD Pro Wireless Controller

Best Cheap Controller Nintendo Switch 2022

The red version of KMD Pro Wireless Controller.  A cheap and extremely affordable game controller for Switch.  Best in test with us among cheap controls 2022.
  • Connection: Wireless (Bluetooth)
  • Screenshot button:  Yes
  • Battery life: Approx. 20 hours, rechargeable
  • Headphone jack: No.

KMD Pro Wireless Controller is a really nice and affordable hand control for the Nintendo Switch, which despite its low price feels solid and of good quality . Perfect to have as an extra control at home.

The grip and ergonomics are actually a lot like the original Switch Pro Controller. The buttons and levers feel lavish and not directly plastic. Furthermore, there is a grooved grip on the levers gives a brilliant grip and precision in everything you do.

KMD Pro Wireless Controller comes with a number of functions such as rumble (vibration) , motion & gyro control (control with movements) and a turbo function . The latter means that a button that is held down gives a series of quick button presses, without the need to press more times.

The rechargeable battery is charged via a USB-C cable and the box is also compatible with both PC and Android if you want to play a game on those platforms.

Summary of best hand control for Nintendo Switch 2022

There are plenty of good controls for the Nintendo Switch on the market today, both the original control from Nintendo and most of the competitive controls from third-party manufacturers.

What makes a good hand control then? Well, we think that it should first and foremost be comfortable and ergonomic to use, so you do not get tired of the hands immediately. It should also be of a nice quality and well built so it lasts a long time. Furthermore, it is nice if Switch controls have useful and fun functions , such as mapping of buttons, vibrations (rumble) or motion sensor.

Although the Joy-Con control that comes with the Nintendo Switch is a good hand control, there are more solid and larger boxes that for many feel better to play on, especially if the Switch console is connected to a  gaming TV .

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