April 21, 2024
A Plague Tale: Requiem - Skill Guide to all skills

A Plague Tale: Requiem – Skill Guide to all skills

In this A Plague Tale: Requiem skill guide, you’ll learn:

  • What skills and abilities are there
  • How the skill tree is structured
  • How to improve skills

In A Plague Tale: Requiem , Amicia has many useful skills that keep her alive in battles against soldiers and rats . In this guide, we explain how you can best use and improve them.

What skills are there in A Plague Tale: Requiem?

Amicia’s skills in A Plague Tale: Requiem are divided into three classes: Awareness, Offense, and Subtlety. Each class contains four skills that you can learn one after the other as the game progresses. Each skill builds on the previous one. So you can’t freely choose in which area you improve Amicia.

How do I improve Amicia’s skills?

Unlike many current action role-playing games, where you unlock individual skills and perks as you earn experience points, the skill system in A Plague Tale: Innocence reacts dynamically to your playstyle .

Stealth Skills: Enhance Awareness

The Awareness skill tree includes abilities related to sneaking and stealth in A Plague Tale: Requiem. You improve these skills by holding back in confrontations and frequently sneaking through tall grass, hiding under carts and tables, and avoiding open attacks.

Skill Tree Levelskilldescription
step 1light footednessYou move more quietly and Amicia is not noticed by opponents as quickly.
Level 2dexterityAmicia’s sense of balance improves and you move faster while crouched.
level 3throwing techniqueAmicia’s improved posture allows you to throw objects farther.
Level 4stabberAmicia detects weak points in armored opponents and you can stab them from behind.

Combat Skills: Improve Attack

The attack skill tree is the opposite of awareness. The skills integrated here are unlocked with an aggressive play style . Often engages in melee combat, killing enemies from behind, and using the slingshot in fights.

Skill Tree Levelskilldescription
step 1Aimed pushAmicia can instantly kill enemies in melee by knocking them into rats or fire.
Level 2recreationAmicia recovers from hits faster and stays calmer in melee combat.
level 3Fast DeathGarroting enemies with the slingshot is faster and quieter.
Level 4Nimble fingersAmicia’s dexterity improves and she can reload and use weapons faster.

Alchemy Skills: Improve Refinement

The third skill tree relies entirely on Amicia’s skill in dealing with crafting and alchemy. Look for lots of crafting materials like sulphur, resin or alcohol and produce alchemical ammunition (ignifer, tar, odoris, exstinguis). If you rely on these materials in combination with slingshots, pots or crossbows during confrontations, the refinement skills improve.

Skill Tree Levelskilldescription
step 1alchemy knowledgeAmicia’s alchemy knowledge improves and she crafts alchemical ammo faster.
Level 2recoveryAmicia saves a resource when making alchemy.
level 3material splittingAmicia works more diligently and recovers materials when crafting alchemy.
Level 4pure productAmicia makes more alchemical ammo with the same resources.

A Plague Tale: Requiem – Properly use companion abilities

In addition to Amicia’s skills, you can also access the skills of your companions throughout the game. You can’t improve them, but they give you additional opportunities to defy soldiers and rats . Lucas and Hugo are by your side right from the start. While Lucas teaches you all about alchemy, Hugo later learns to control the rats.

Control rats with Hugo

With the ability “Echo” you can locate enemies like with a sonar when rats are nearby. Use this skill in sneak passages and you will immediately know behind which wall an opponent is waiting . In addition, Hugo can control small hordes of rats. So that you can sic them on soldiers, first eliminate all light sources in the area. Pay attention to Hugo’s stress level and use them wisely.

Arnau, the fighter and Sophia, the sneaker

Arnaud is a handsome fighter. Set him on soldiers and he wins every duel . Only if he is outnumbered does he have to admit defeat. Keep archers at bay.

Sophia’s Prism can be used to light tall grass, causing smoke to rise. You can use this to distract guards during the sneak passages . It also breaks the light from fireplaces and can maneuver you through rats like a torch without harm. Be careful that the prism does not lose the connection to the light source, otherwise you will quickly become rat food.

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