April 15, 2024
A Plague Tale: Requiem – 6 tips to get you started

A Plague Tale: Requiem – 6 tips to get you started

In this tips guide to A Plague Tale: Requiem you will learn:

  • Why you need to master the slingshot
  • What you should pay attention to with knives and crossbows
  • How to use your companion correctly

Amicia and Hugo are back for challenging puzzles, stealth, and combat in A Plague Tale: Requiem . In order for you to survive all of them, we give you the most important tips and tricks for getting started in this guide.

Sneak Tricks: Only fight if you have to

Amicia has significantly more skills and equipment in A Plague Tale: Requiem than in its predecessor. As the game progresses, you will learn new techniques to defend yourself against attackers. You can also use alchemy to keep humans and rats at bay.

The new crossbow and knife are deadly weapons, but you’ll rarely be able to use them. Blades and the bolts necessary for the crossbow are only sparsely distributed in the area. They also quickly attract the attention of other guards.

Therefore mainly relies on sneaking and tries to avoid direct confrontations as much as possible . Despite her fighting experience, Amicia is still a young girl and physically inferior to most opponents. At the latest when you are dealing with several soldiers at the same time, your chances are almost zero – especially in the first hours of the game.

Picks up knives for locked workbenches

If Amicia carries a knife, she can use it to kill a soldier in close combat . This works either as a last resort during a direct confrontation, or as a backstab if you’re sneaking up on them. As useful as this may be, use the knives with care.

They break off after one use. In addition, you will always find special workbenches that can only be opened with a knife . If you don’t have one with you, you’re missing an opportunity to upgrade your equipment. In addition, there are useful items in the locked workbenches, such as the pieces required for upgrades.

The slingshot is your most important weapon – master it

Despite the powerful new weapons and abilities, your most important tool is still Amicia’s slingshot. In battle, you use it to take out long-distance archers and soldiers without headgear. You can also use the slingshot to blow up explosive barrels or distract enemies.

In addition to the unlimited stones available, you can also load the slingshot with alchemy . The ignifer is particularly important. For example, you can set glowing coals or lanterns on fire and protect yourself from rats.

Time will slow down as you access the gear and ammo selection wheel . Use this mechanic in sticky situations to come up with a tactic.

When using the slingshot, be careful not to spin it for too long . The longer Amicia hurls her, the more inaccurate the shot becomes. On the other hand, if you hurl them too short, the hit will miss its effect.

Tall grass isn’t just for hiding

During the stealth interludes, tall grass offers you protection from the eyes of the patrols. However, grasses are not only there for your safety. Occasionally there is a secret hidden in between or a passage to a hidden place. Load the slingshot with Ignifer and burn down the brush if you think there’s something useful behind it.

Tips on your companions’ abilities in A Plague Tale: Requiem

In some sections of A Plague Tale: Requiem you are not on your own. In addition to Amicia’s little brother and Lucas, who is known from part one, you have a few other companions at your side. Each of them has special abilities and can save your life with them – use them.

Your companions are often worth their weight in gold even when it comes to puzzles. Some gates or mechanisms can only be opened or set in motion as a team. Send Hugo, Lucas and the others to crank or lever so that you have your hands free.

So you don’t miss any collectibles: beware of heavy doors

There are four types of collectibles in A Plague Tale: Requiem: Flowers, Feathers, and Memories are listed in the codex as they are found. They are hidden in the quiet passages of the game. Keep an eye out for junctions, special stalls in the markets, or secret chambers.

Hidden chests , on the other hand, are also distributed in areas where you have to fight soldiers or rats. Therefore, always comb through these areas extensively.

They usually end with a heavy iron door that Amicia locks behind her. A return is not possible . Therefore, always think carefully about whether you have collected everything important before you open it.

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